- 11/18/07 - Completed our ongoing relinking of employer records. You may notice that jobs that were old friends (expired or not) will now be relinked with your "My Jobs" page. There are three more folks that we'll need to contact directly to set up a venue before this project is really complete.

- 11/17/07 - Corrected a bug which displayed job listings as Expired at the BEGINNING of the expire date, instead of at the end of the expire date. Now expired jobs will be removed from public areas of the site at midnight of the expire date, and display as expired in the User's area.

- 11/16/07 - Employers can now see and edit their expired jobs under "My Jobs". You can use this feature to save editable job templates - if you are a summerstock company or production house with recurring job descriptions to post, just let the job expire as needed, and edit the job and expire date when you want to repost.

Expired / Saved Jobs are colored gray so that you can easily tell when a job is posted for the public and when it is not.

- 11/15/07 - Added Date Search Support past and future in Advanced Search.

- 11/15/07 - Activated Advanced search for Contacts. There's a couple kinks with skills searching - it works, but separates results into many more pages than necessary.

We've guessed on some searching defaults for simplicity's sake - like how job and skill searches should be grouped (if you select multiple jobs or skills, your results will match ANY of those selections, not ALL of them). Keep us posted if you have a need for more flexibility.

- 11/12/07 - Time to roll out Advanced Search! This has been a bear of an update with lots of under-the-hood changes... please let us know ASAP if you experience any difficulties, or if you have any suggestions for usability. Jobs Advanced Search is active, though searching by update, posted, and expire dates needs a little more tweaking before we activate it. Before that happens, we may distract you with a little shiny Contacts Advanced Search.

Previous updates and planned features, as always, are on the Road Map.

- 11/1/07 - Added some more Search support on Contact Sheet Page:

- 11/1/07 - Corrected yet another bug with tour search in contacts only... sorry for this round of bugs, they're due to a major reconfiguring of the search feature so that we can roll out advanced search. Your feedback really does help us catch this stuff as when it pops up, and we're in a place to correct most minor bugs within 24 hours through the end of the year. Keep those bug reports coming, especially if you suspect a new feature has broken an old one!

- 10/30/07 - Corrected a bug with tour searching for contacts or jobs.

- 10/29/07 - Saved search string now saves your active page number, so if you read details on a listing and go back to your search results, you will also go back to the correct page.

- 10/28/07 - In preparation for advanced search features, we've added a few more GET variables for searching, that can be used as follows (may throw some errors in some cases, this is a feature in development):

- 10/28/07 - Jobs and Contacts pages now have a Next and Previous navigation button at the top and bottom of all displayed listings.

- 10/28/07 - Corrected a bug that displayed empty dates as 12/31/1969.

- 10/28/07 - Fixed subscription emails, which had been broken on 10/22 by the venue feature. All jobs from the past week have been sent in a hefty digest with today's date.

- 10/26/07 - Moving to and from detail pages now is smoother and retains your last saved search

- 10/26/07 - Department Search now works for Contact Sheet Listings

- 10/25/07 - Corrected a bug that was causing jobs to be displayed three hours after posting instead of immediately.

- 10/23/07 - Corrected a bug with the venue feature which caused job header information such as city and region to display improperly.

- 10/22/07 - Employers now have the option to set up multiple Venues in addition to a default business address. Each job can be linked with any of your venues, and Job searches by region will return matches with business address and venue address. Go ahead and set up your venues right now.

- 10/21/07 - Adjusted all times to Eastern Standard to help prevent a bug where newly posted or edited jobs would become forward posted by a few hours.

- 10/21/07 - Added Several Regions based on volume of traffic: Cleveland, Syracuse, Austin / San Antonio, Albany, Bermuda, India, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Italy. Welcome!

- 10/20/07 - Last Minute Listings are now color-coded differently.

- 10/20/07 - There is a new Abuse Flag feature on every listing. You are welcome to help the webmaster identify abuse listings. HOWEVER... abuse goes both ways, and flags are tracked to the users that flag them. The webmaster is also automatically notified when a listing is flagged, and can suspend your account if you abuse the service. Play nice, this is a feature to help the community.

- 10/20/07 - 'Display All' is now working

- 10/19/07 - Fixed a bug with the login form, which no longer relies on javascript support. You should no longer need to use any work arounds to login.

- 10/18/07 - Employers can now specify a job-specific contact email

- 10/18/07 - Employers now must be logged in to post a job, which will help prevent a bug where employers are locked out from editing their jobs. If you have been having trouble updating your company information, the webmaster may need to do a simple manual update to your account to get you up to speed, and we're working on updating accounts preemptively when possible. Because we LOVE you.

- 10/30/11 - Users must now be logged-in to post Contact Sheet listings. Having the section remain open for anyone to post resulted in spam listings.
- June 2013 - Changed name from BackstageJobs.com to OffStageJobs.com after 12 years. In case you thought the site looked familiar...

X 0.1 Jobs Display

X 0.1.1 Basic CSS Layout

X 0.1.2 Submit Job Form

X 0.1.3 Validate & Clean Job Postings

X 0.1.4 JobSubmit to MySQL

X 0.1.5 Job Input Structure Complete

X 0.1.6 Quick Search Bar Functions

X 0.2.0 Contact Submit Functions

X 0.2.1 Contact Sheet Skills

X 0.2.3 Complete Quick Search Bar Functions

X 0.2.4 Search By Date

X 0.2.5 Display Limited Number of Rows

X 0.2.6 Maintenance of Date Fields in Submit

X 0.2.7 Administrator Contact Submission

X 0.3.0 Basic Sessions in Place for Contact Sheets

X 0.3.1 Create Login Structure

X 0.3.2 Email Confirmation Structure

X 0.3.3 Password Reset Security Functions

X 0.3.4 User Login Error Password Reset Request

X 0.3.5 User Info Edit Structure (Delete, Change Password)

X 0.3.6 Login Structure Streamlining

X 0.3.7 Contact Sheet Edit Structure

X 0.3.8 Job Class Priority Select and Display Function

X 0.3.85 Admin Contact Sheet Edit Structure

X 0.3.9 Display Number of Records Displayed and Total

X 0.4.0 Session Hooks in place for Employers

X 0.4.1 Job Edit Summary Page

X 0.4.2 Job and Contact Edit Structure

X 0.4.3 Create Job ONLY Submit Structure for Employers

X 0.4.4 Auto-Generated Security Image

X 0.4.5 Contact Sheets Google Mail, Google AdWords & Google Analytics

X 0.4.6 Change User / Employer Email structure

X 0.4.7 Bug Fix / FAQ Request Structure for Users

X 0.4.75 Design Pull Down Menu and Input CSS

X 0.4.8 IE Compatibility Tested

X 0.4.9 Safari Compatibility Tested


X 0.5.1 User Administration Functions (Delete User, etc.)

X 0.5.2 Admin Delete Record Functions

X 0.5.3 Admin Shut Down Postings

X 0.5.4 Admin View Expired Listings

X 0.5.5 Contact Search Results Sorted By Job Priority

X 0.5.6 User-Requested Categories (Other Region, Other JobClass)

X International Postal Codes Validation

X Display Page Navigation Bugs Fixed

X 0.5.7 Nav Bar Query Functions

X Description Summary and Item Detail Page

X 0.5.8 Skill Priority Level Functions replaces Secondary Skills

X Fix IE Font Display Problems

X Contact Sheets Beta Bugs Stabilized

X 0.6.0 Jobs Ready

X 0.6.1 Forward Posted Jobs*

X 0.6.3 Google Mailing Lists

X 0.6.4 Fix Layout of Email Blasts

X 1.0 BackstageJobs.com Beta Launched & Bugs Stabilized

X 1.0.1 (Convert Auto-Posted Listings to MySQL)*

- 1.1.0 Advanced Search

X 1.1.1 Search By Department

X 1.1.2 Alternate Job Contacts & Job Posting Security Improvements

X Fix Login Error

X Fix Display All Bug

X Abuse Flag & Listing Status Color Codes

X 1.1.3 Venues in Job Select / Employer Setup

X Improved Navigation - Saved Results for Detail & Return Buttons

X Improved Navigation - Saved Results Bin for Back & Next Buttons

X 1.1.4 Advanced Job Search

X 1.1.5 Advanced contact Search

X Add Date Search Support

X 1.1.6 Job Template Functions (Expired Jobs also function as Saved Jobs)

X Changed name from BackstageJobs.com to OffStageJobs.com, after 11 years.

- 1.1.7 Saved Searches

- 1.1.8 Improve Display of Search by Skill results

- 1.2.0 MyJobs Posts by Email

- 1.2.1 User Preference for HTML Email or Plain Text EMail

- 1.2.2 Recently Posted Jobs to Subscribers*

- 1.2.3 Daily Digest Options

- 1.2.4 Individualized Searches by Email

- 1.2.5 Compare and Save Favorite Jobs Functions

- 1.2.6 Define and Enable Subscriber Benefits

- 1.3.0 Improve W3C Compliance and CSS

- 1.3.1 RSS Feed for Last Minute Listings

- 1.3.3 Design Print Jobs and Contacts CSS

- 1.4 OffStageJobs.com Mobile

- 1.5 OffStage Exchange

- 2.0 Project Completion

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