Scout Expedition Co.
Los Angeles, CA

Expires: 10/31/21

Job Dates

Part Time Starting September 2021


Starting at $15/hr

Scout Expedition Co. is an award-winning immersive company based in Los Angeles.

The Nest is an intimate, live experience for two audience members at a time, combining elements of immersive theater, narrative video games, serialized podcasts, and escape rooms into a new way to tell a story. Guests enter a storage unit equipped with just a flashlight to explore its contents and listen to audio cassettes to piece together the dramatic narrative of a womans life.

All positions work on-site approximately three miles west of Downtown Los Angeles. Scheduling is flexible. New hires will start as Check-In Staff with the opportunity to train and be promoted to Show Manager. Previous experience in stage management, house management, or theatrical design of any type is a plus. For interested staff members, we are also happy to provide opportunities for career development, including in future projects.

CHECK-IN STAFF ($15/hour)
Check-in Staff will facilitate the on- and off-boarding experience for audience members of The Nest. Responsibilities include welcoming guests, delivering basic story information, explaining rules, answering questions, and generally assisting guests before and after the show. During the show, there is also some prep work for the following show. Please note that this position requires meeting audience members on the street, often at nighttime, and walking them down a short section of alley. Previous customer service experience is a plus. Time commitment: 10-20 hours a week, evenings and weekends.

SHOW MANAGER ($17/hour)
Show Managers are responsible for running the show from a back of house location, facilitating each audience members experience at The Nest. Responsibilities include triggering show cues, monitoring guest progress, delivering in-story clues, addressing any minor problems as they arise, and resetting the room between shows. This position requires an organized and quick-thinking individual with attention to detail. Light acting or improv experience is a plus. Time commitment: 10-20 hours a week, evenings and weekends.

Interested applicants should apply via www.scoutexpedition.co/jobs. We are looking to hire and begin paid training in the middle/end of September. The show is in an open run and does not currently have an end date.


Corey Lubowich



Business Address

Los Angeles, CA 90018

Posted: 09/10/2021 13:08:00 EST

Last Updated: 09/11/2021 23:37 EST

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