Possibilities Theatre Company
Chicago, IL

Expires: 05/12/21

Job Dates

11/17/20 - 12/23/20


7% of total donations festival makes

The 12 Days of Holidays festival is a 12-day festival that has 12 plays running the whole gamut of the human experience of the holidays-- the joy, the pain, and everything in-between! The festival runs 12/12-12/23, each play gets 2 performances.

The plays will be fully-staged over Zoom. (Never any in-person meetings for this festival.) There are a variety of one-acts and full-length plays, but also a couple of workshops. You would be assigned to 3-4 plays (probably 3) and would be a sort of "producing SM"... basically, you would help write down blocking, maybe send out some rehearsal schedules, and potentially help with sound cues/turning on/off cameras during performances.

There will be optional tech rehearsals the week leading up to the play (12/7-12/11), that the director can choose whether or not to participate in.

You would not need to be at all the rehearsals for the plays, only rehearsals where the director wants you there (likely blocking rehearsals), and you may or may not need to be at performances. Performance dates and rehearsals are chosen around actor/director availability, so we could assign you shows that work around your schedule.

This show is being run entirely on suggested donations-- minimum suggested $5 a person. We're doing ticketing through our Eventcombo link (so people will be prompted to buy tickets), but will be able to email us in the event they can't afford ticketing.

As SM, you would earn 7% of the total money the theatre makes from the festival-- or, a minimum of $100 (whatever is a higher stipend).

All in all, it should be a fun, not too-intense commitment! It should be lower maintenance than a traditional stage manager position. The Producer is also available to help if something unexpected pops up!

If interested, please send resume and short cover letter over to possibilitiestheatrecompany@gmail.com.


Melody Derogatis

Artistic Director


(773) 230-5254

Business Address

1061 W. Rosemont

Chicago, IL 60660

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Last Updated: 11/12/2020 18:00 EST

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