Parallel 45 Theatre Company
Traverse City, MI

Expires: 02/01/21

Job Dates

Onsite June 6th-August 6th


$4200 plus housing and $200 towards travel flat fee

Essential Job Functions:
-To design, or supervise the selection of the costumes which correspond with the needs and budget of the Production, such needs having been defined in discussions with the Director, the other Designers and the Theatre.
-To be responsible to supply a Designer Research Package to be used in the Presentation based on consultation with other members of the Creative Team. The Research Package will include a brief research presentation (Pinterest board, Powerpoint, Collage, etc.) for each show and will be uploaded to the applicable google drive folder (as communicated by the PM) by the deadline given
-To supply a color sketch and/or painted working scale model of each set.
-To supply Preliminary Designs and Completed Designs as required for the estimation of cost and construction of all costumes.
-To coordinate and direct the realization of the costume(s) in direct communications with the Costume Shop Manager, Director of Production, Director, or with any other agent as appointed by the Theatre
-To supervise all shopping and be available as herein defined for shopping. To consult with PM while working/shopping remotely before making any major purchases which would require reimbursement.
-To supervise the selection of costumes, or parts thereof, which are borrowed, rented, purchased, or selected from the Theatre stock or performers personal wardrobe.
-To be responsible for the supervision of all necessary fittings and alterations, these fittings to be scheduled by the Theatre (PSM + Shop Director +Designer) at mutually agreed upon times and locations.
-To design, select and/or supervise the selection of all accessories, headgear, gloves, footwear, hose, purses, jewelry, umbrellas, canes, fans, masks, etc.
-To supervise and/or design makeup and hairstyling and to design, select and/or supervise the selection of wigs, hairpieces, moustaches and beards
-In coordination with TD + PSMs + Costume Director + Apprentice(s), supervise and assist in the construction of costume trunks/cases/lockers and/or whatever is mutually agreed upon by the team to be effective, portable storage for all wardrobe the duration of the season.
-Supervise and assist with the construction of Dressing Room/Make-Up areas that are capable of being quickly changed for each Show of the repertory season. Ensuring, with consultation of the PM, that areas are in compliance with Equity rules.
-To be available remotely for consultation with TD + PM +Costume Shop Director to clarify, adjust designs as the budget/venue may require, as needed
-To design and/or supervise special effects in consultation with the other Designers and the Theatre

Desired Qualifications:
-Professional design credits for theatrical productions (or similar)
-Strong and efficient sewing skills
-Resourceful, with a knack for problem-solving
-Proactive, self-starter who is highly organized with acute attention to detail
-Ability to read + create CAD drawings
-Exhibits grace under pressure
-Demonstrated ability to effectively lead a team
-A strong sense of humor

Parallel 45 Theatre produces cutting-edge interpretations of classic plays, giving familiar stories new life and fresh relevance for our northwest Michigan audience. By producing a repertory of reinvented classics, new works and imaginative adaptations, we seek to entertain, encourage critical thought, and inspire conversation in our community. Since 2010, Parallel 45 Theatre has brought more than 150 artists from across the country and around the world to create groundbreaking shows for our audiences.

In 2021, Parallel 45 Theatre will host a 5-week season featuring 3 shows in rotating repertory in our brand new outdoor theatre at Traverse Citys Civic Center Park from July 2 August 1, 2021

We consider diversity and inclusion a driver of institutional excellence and seek out diversity of participation, thought and action, especially from historically underrepresented communities. We seek to champion dignity, visibility and accessibility, while promoting cultural competency, humility and sensitivity. Parallel 45 is an equal opportunity employer.


Jody Cohen

Director of Production



(770) 639-2810

Business Address

PO Box 1829

Traverse City, MI 496851829

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Last Updated: 11/26/2020 20:00 EST

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