Circuit Playhouse, Inc (Playhouse on the Square)
Memphis, TN

Expires: 09/21/20

Job Dates

1 year; negotiable


$150, plus housing + utilities per week

Playhouse on the Square, a Resident Professional theatre in Memphis, TN, is seeking to fill an Associate Company position in the Sound and Music departments.

Guaranteed Sound Design credit for at 1-3 show, possibly more depending on ability. Sound Board Operator for between 3-7 shows. Experience live-mixing and programming sound is a+nbsp;necessity.

Duties may include: Acting as A2 for larger musicals, organizing stock equipment, micing/cabling consoles and bands, loading/unloading music and sound equipment, making copies of scores, attending production meetings, and other music/sound/admin related tasks.+nbsp;

For any further questions feel free to contact POTS Resident Music Director, Nathan McHenry+nbsp;


Phillip Hughen

Production Manager/ Technical Director



(901) 725-0776

Business Address

66 S. Cooper St.

Memphis, TN 38104

Venue Address

Circuit Playhouse, Inc (Playhouse on the Square)

66 S. Cooper St.

Memphis, TN 38104

Posted: 03/21/2020 12:21:40 EST

Last Updated: 03/21/2020 15:00 EST

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