On-Site Drapery Cleaners Ltd.
Chicago, IL
Corporate / Trade Show

Expires: 08/28/20

Job Dates

Full Time Long Term Employment


45000 annually

This is a hands on position. Requires Physical Work. Requires ability to lift heavy objects (large drapes), climb ladders, and work at heights. Experience working in theaters would be great, as would being mechanically inclined with good problem solving abilities. Requires commitment to equipment maintenance and planning to ensure mechanical failures have minimal impact on productivity.

For this job, you need to drive our beautiful Drapery Cleaning truck to the client locations (mostly Theaters + Hotels), take the drapes down and put them in our drapery cleaning machine. Once cleaned, hang them back up. Repeat. Just that simple. Our system is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, no heat, no chemicals.

Some of our work is out of town, typically only a few days a month. Out of town work comes with a per diem and hotel and travel expenses fully paid. Clean Drivers license with at least 5 years driving experience.

Will be in charge of all aspects of operations for our new operations in the Chicago area. Requires ability to work independently, problem solve, deliver outstanding customer service. Join our fast growing company at the ground level in Chicago and grow with us.

Start as the operator of the first truck, but as business grows, hire additional staff. Requires ability to lead team to ensure scheduling commitments are made, costs are minimized, and staff are satisfied at work. Requires commitment to equipment maintenance and planning to ensure mechanical failures have minimal impact on productivity.

Hold responsibility for ensuring outstanding performance and operational efficiency of the team. Perform leadership role in ensuring and improving quality control, fostering positive relations with customers, partners, and staff.

Solve Mechanical Problems, Staff Issues, Delivering Outstanding Customer Service, and a thousand other issues can easily interrupt productivity, Managers are expected to be able to foresee and prevent things which can affect productivity, and deal efficiently with problems as they occur. The position will hold significant responsibility in the company, thus demands strict honesty, integrity, and maturity when dealing with the companys management, employees and customers.

Experience driving heavy vehicles, working with ladders, Theater experience, fabric care experience all an asset.

Learn more about us at www.onsitedraperycleaner.com

Job Types: Full-time, Contract


Brad Davies



(800) 465-2082

Fax: (877) 259-9990

Business Address

1751 W Howard St., Ste D, #202

Chicago, IL 60626

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Last Updated: 02/28/2020 18:00 EST

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