The Miracle Center
Chicago, IL

Expires: 06/16/20


$900 - $1,100 Depends on Experience per month

Stage Manager for the Adult Theater Ensemble

Job Title Stage Manager for TMCs Adult Theater Ensemble
Reporting to Director + Producer
Stipend: $900 - $1,100 (depends on Experience)

Hours/Schedule: Starts Early March 2020 with Director (See Rehearsal Schedule)

Rehearsals begin April 6th, 2020 and meets Mondays - Thursdays from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Show Dates : June 5th, 6th, 12th + 13th, 2020

The Organization:
The Miracle Center's (TMC) mission is to use the performing and visual arts as a tool for personal and professional growth via self-expression for youth and adults. TMC nurtures and encourages the development of the next generation of professional artists by offering them opportunities to perform and exhibit their work.
Job Summary:
To provide practical and organizational support to the director, actors, production team and stage crew throughout the entire production process. You will be the directors representative during performances, making sure the production runs smoothly every night.

Job Responsibilities Include:
It is your job to work with the Director side by side while recording the Directors decisions about blocking and notes for the actors, keep track of logistical and scheduling details and communicating what goes on in rehearsals to the rest of the production team.
Key Responsibilities + Tasks to Perform in Each Phase of the Production Including:
Scheduling + Running Rehearsals
Communicating the Directors wished to the Production Team
Coordinating the Work of the Stage Crew
Calling Cues + Possibly Actors Entrances During Performances
Overseeing the Entire Show each time it is Performed
In conjunction with the director, it will be your job to determine the scheduling of all rehearsals and makes sure everyone involved is notified of rehearsal times, meetings, costume/wig fittings and coaching sessions.
Key Responsibilities + Tasks to Perform During the Rehearsal Phase:
Mark out the Dimensions of the Set on the Floor of the Rehearsal Phase
Make sure Rehearsal Props + Furnishings are available for the Actors
Attend all Rehearsals - opening and closing building / making sure rehearsal area is cleaned
Notify the Production Team of any Changes made in Rehearsal Phase
To keep track of all props, costumes, and furniture being used during rehearsals and performances
It is also your responsibility to record all the blocking, plus all the lights, sound and set change, cues, in a master copy of the script called the prompt book. The information in the prompt book also helps the stage manager to run the technical rehearsals, calling each technical cue in turn to determine precisely how it needs to be timed to coordinate with the onstage action.
It is also the responsibility of the stage manager to work out a smooth and efficient plan for the stage crew to follow during set changes. Furniture and prop plans for complicated sets are drawn up to show exactly where the furniture and props are to be positioned on stage at the beginning of each scene and sometimes in the wings.
Once the show opens, the directors work is essentially complete. Now its the stage managers job to make sure that every aspect of the production runs just as the director intended time after time, until the production closes.
Lastly once the show closes, it is the job of the stage manager to be present for the strike and make sure that every actor and production team member is present. Before strike can be finished it is the job of the stage manager to make sure that all props, costumes, set pieces are put away where they were found.
A passion for theatre and the performing arts
Establish a positive working environment during rehearsals and performances for the actors and all members of the production team
Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and commitment to quality production and willingness to work with actors.
Able to take command of the space when direction needs to be given to the actors
Three or more years of experience in the theatre and/or performing arts sector
Experience in devising rehearsal and production schedules
Able to engage and good communication skills with TMC Staff, Production Team, Actors, and Volunteers
Able to come to all rehearsals, tech rehearsals, pick-up rehearsals, production meetings, and performances
Able to roll with the punches and adapt to change when necessary
An aptitude for dealing with difficult situations
Able to take quick, clean, and accurate notes.
Good IT literacy with Microsoft Office Packages, Google Drive, (Doc, sheets etc.), email etiquette, and knowledgeable of QLab
A thorough knowledge of the methods, practices, techniques, materials, tools, and equipment used in the operation of stage settings, rigging, scenery and lighting systems
Ability to read and produce technical drawings
Able to communicate with all members of the production when changes are made or when things are needed
Able to build a strong relationship with the actors and with the members of the production team
Experience working with automated lighting controls, digital sound consoles and QLab
Ability to handle multiple tasks with accuracy and to establish and meet deadlines in a timely manner
High professional standards with acute attention to details
Exceptional communication and collaborative skills with a demonstrated ability to lead and work with TMC Staff, production team and actors

To Apply:
To apply, please submit your CV and resume to Vanessa Torres: Torres.Vanessa@gmail.com
Email Subject Line: Stage Manager for Adult Theatre Ensemble Position


Vanessa Torres

Communications Director



(773) 276-5933

Business Address

2311 N Pulaski Rd

Chicago, IL 60639

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