Zeo Brothers Productions
Hatboro, PA
Production House

Expires: 12/31/19

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$14 - $15 per hour

In general, a warehouse managers day to day responsibilities include inventory control, job prep + un-prep, and inventory maintenance + repair. The warehouse manager will oversee a shop staff including all departments within the Event Production department. The position is full-time, with weekend work if the workload requires it. He/she may be asked to take a weekday off in lieu of a weekend day. Overtime is permissible only if a heavy workload requires it.
Detailed responsibilities:
1. Completion of Scheduled Tasks (as scheduled by the Operations Manager)
a. Job Prep/Return
b. Dispatching drivers + crew for jobs and deliveries
c. Dispatching drivers for sub-rental pickup/returns
2. Inventory Control
a. Ensure that all equipment ordered is tested, prepped, and loaded, as well as adding any additional equipment to an
order if needed to perform the job.
b. Ensure that all equipment is returned after a job.
c. Utilize booking software to track equipment status.
3. Inventory maintenance
a. Manage testing of all equipment.
b. Assessment of equipment to be repaired
c. Manage + track repairs, including in-house repairs and off-site repairs. Utilize software to track inventory status and history.
4. Monitor vehicle maintenance needs
a. Report to the Operations Manager if a vehicle is in need of service.
5. Shop Staff
a. Utilize and manage shop staff to ensure tasks are properly completed and deadlines are met.
b. Report any staff issues to Operations Manager.
c. Report to Operations Manager if changes need to be made to the shop staff to handle workload
6. Warehouse
a. Ensure that warehouse is clean and organized. All equipment should be packed up and work areas clean at the
end of the day (with the exception of ongoing service projects).
b. Ensure that the loading dock areas are clear at all times (unless loading/unloading)
7. Rental Department Collaboration
a. Work together with Rental Department staff to facilitate equipment needs in both directions. For example, Rental
Department Equipment being utilized for a job, or Production Department Equipment being used for Rental. Ensure that equipment is complete and ready for use.


Kristen Blasier

Rental Department Manager


(215) 956-0328

Business Address

244 E County Line Road

Suite 3B

Hatboro, PA 19040

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