Tampa, FL

Expires: 10/20/19

Job Dates

05/14/19 - 08/11/19


$600 per week

-Directs local crew during load in and load out of set, lights, and sound
-Takes notes on the show
-Gives call times
-Point person for FOH - Notifies house when stage is ready for house open, receives house for start of Act 1 and 2
-Point of contact for the actors for Equity issues
-Operates sound and lights during the show
-Calls spot cues to opt if available
-Confirms technical elements were advanced as per Production Manager
-On the ground contact for Local crew
-On the ground contact for vehicles (Coordinates with Company Manager)
-Drives vehicle hauling tour gear and personnel (Coordinates with Company Manager)
-Takes over prop and wardrobe Load Out when ASM is pulled for M+G and Merch/FOH Load Out


Nicole Dimattei

General Manager



(631) 741-0924

Business Address

3629 Madaca Lane

Tampa, FL 33618

Posted: 04/20/2019 19:59:01 EST

Last Updated: 04/20/2019 23:00 EST

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