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Expires: 08/01/19

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$275 stipend flat fee

The marketing coordinator will help generate press releases and other text to promote the show, oversee a small budget to place targeted facebook ads, and oversee the creation printing, and hanging of print posters and flyers in Baltimore, and schedule photographic and video documentation of the show.

Description of the play:
Theresa Columbus is collaborating with Sarah Jacklin to produce and direct "8 Short Plays." The central conceit of the piece is that the audience is watching a surreal vaudevillian variety show: as varied as performance art to classic song n' dance numbers, or avant-garde theater to Sunday morning comics. Often poetry in dialogue, the plot is held together with a wild emotional logic. The ensemble brings to life passionate stories in which characters explore their relationships to art, their peers, and themselves. The curtain opens on eight distinct acts; but when the curtain closes, the play continues, fleshing out the inner-lives of the performers as they fumble towards intimacy and wonder. In the process, traditional forms are celebrated, taken apart, and reinvented.


Theresa Columbus



Business Address

405 W Franklin St flr 3

Baltimore, MD 21201

Posted: 04/15/2019 11:15:44 EST

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