Theatre Aspen
Aspen, CO
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Expires: 04/20/19

Job Dates

05/07/19 - 08/25/19


700 per week

The Production Coordinator/Head Carpenter is responsible for coordinating and supervising all technical aspects of Theatre Aspens summer repertory season. In collaboration with the Production Manager, this position will supervise all technical production staff and department heads, including carpenters, electrics, props, scenic charges, sound engineers, stagehands, loading crews and other production staff. Additionally, this position works with administrative staff, stage management, designers, and directors to efficiently execute the artistic vision, in a collaborative and cost-efficient manner.

This position requires excellent organizational and communication skills. In addition, the candidate must have:
Exceptional technical skills including but not limited to:
o Working knowledge of all aspects of the theatre production and technical as well as performance.
o Ability to work productively under pressure and meet deadlines.
o Working knowledge of scenery; structural design and engineering; construction processes; and styles, elements and practices (i.e. wood, metal, plastic, construction, painting, purchasing and scheduling).
o Knowledge of mechanical physics, fundamental electricity, modern construction practices and materials, model building, and stage crafts including rigging, automation, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, electronics, lighting, automation and stage carpentry.
Experience with productions under AEA contracts.
Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
A valid drivers license in good standing; vehicle ownership and willingness to use vehicle for work purposes highly desirable (proof of insurance may be requested).
Positive attitude and the ability to remain effective under pressure. Must be kind, patient, and overall respectful of peoples needs and concerns.

The candidate must have a minimum of a bachelors degree in theatre, or equivalent employment experience, with sequentially increasing levels of responsibility and supervisory roles. This experience includes but is not limited to:
Negotiating and acting as mediator in artistic and technical discussions, including problem solving.
The ability to lift 75lb, climb ladders, and perform manual labor on a regular basis.
The ability to perform additional and repetitive physical activities such as, but not limited to, lifting, bending, standing, climbing, and/or walking.
The ability to provide proof of, or acquire, requisite certifications and/or licenses (i.e. rigging, general contractor, pyrotechnics, first aid, CPR) if necessary.
Possessing excellent computer skills and detailed knowledge of spreadsheets; excellent knowledge of common industry-specific software such as CAD programs, light plotting software, show control or other common programs, and excellent experience reading ground plans, light plots and other theatrical specifications.
Possessing excellent communication skills, the ability to manage shifting and competing priorities, exercise good judgment and discretion, and maintain a positive attitude in stressful environments.
The ability to be on-call during the run of productions for any potential technical problems.
The ability to work long hours throughout term of contract as needed.

Assisting the Production Manager in maintaining the Hurst Theatre and the seasons repertory productions.
Overseeing all areas of production, including load-in/out, build, strike, technical rehearsals, and performances at the Hurst Theatre.
Acts as the Technical Safety Officer for load-in, build, strike, tech rehearsals, performances, changeovers, and rental events.
Maintenance of all scenic elements. This includes repairs to sets, rigging maintenance, and touch-up of scenic charge/paint.
Leading the changeover and storage of all rotating repertory elements in conjunction with Audio and LX departments.

This position supervises Theatre Aspen Apprentices, mentoring and training emerging talent within the field. The willingness to collaborate, instruct and provide guidance is an essential requirement.


Daniel Benavent

General Manager


(970) 300-4301

Business Address

110 East Hallam St.

Suite 126

Aspen, CO 81611

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