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Minneapolis, MN
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Expires: 08/08/19

Job Dates

April-October 2019


$5000 flat fee

Job Summary
The Spotlight Showcase Producer works independently and as part of the Arts Midwest Conference team. The Spotlight Showcase Producer assumes active responsibility for communication, scheduling, and production elements involved with producing two evenings of professionally produced showcases at the Arts Midwest Conference, the preeminent annual booking and education conference for the Midwest performing arts industry. Visit www.artsmidwest.org/conference for more information.

Scope of Impact
This is a contract position with a duration of approximately seven months, leading up to and during the 2019 Arts Midwest Conference in Minneapolis, MN. The duties and responsibilities of this job are performed with latitude for independent judgment based on detailed knowledge of performing arts industry standards.

Duties are performed in accordance with Arts Midwest Conference policies; federal, state, and local regulations.

The Spotlight Showcase Producer works with the Arts Midwest Conference staff team to discuss and receive direction on assignments and priorities.

The position involves advance planning as well as significant on-site responsibilities to ensure showcases are produced at the highest level of professionalism possible. The Producer provides authority and leadership to venue representatives, labor, performing artists, and managers/agents.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
AprilMay (approx. 24-30 hours)
After panel selects artists to perform in showcase, review technical information to ensure requests are within Arts Midwests standards and the venues capacity.
Contact each selected artist/ensemble to discuss technical requests and determine any necessary adjustments or accommodations.
Provide advice about simplifying set-ups or other guidance to ensure a successful showcase.
Strategically sequence the artists/ensembles across two nights, and share a preliminary soundcheck/performance schedule, in accordance with IATSE standards.
Provide schedule and technical information for Arts Midwest to draft contracts. Review contracts for accuracy.
JuneAugust (approx. 15-20 hours)
Work with venue technical director to advance each showcase.
Communicate with artist/ensemble and re-confirming agreed upon logistics.
Identify and coordinate needs for supplemental backline, tech equipment, and labor.
Develop lighting plot and magic sheet independently or with the assistance of a lighting designer.
Provides input on candidates for a Spotlight Showcase Assistant position for on-site support.
Create final stage plots for each group and share with venue.
On-Site (September 3-7, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN) (approx. 40-50 hours, including travel)
Travel to Minneapolis and stage manage all activities related to the Spotlight Showcase performances, including set-up, sound-checks, and performances.
Manage set lists and running scripts.
Coordinate showcase introductions.
Manage changeovers with stage crew and artists, with precise attention to timing and technical accuracy.
Supervise and provide work direction to Spotlight Showcase Assistant
April-October (approx. 2-3 hours)
Work with Conference team to assess potential venues for upcoming years.
Consult with Conference staff on production needs for general sessions.
Minimum Qualifications
3 years as a performing arts producer, including leadership experience and a proven track record working with multiple disciplines, touring artists and ensembles, and theater production.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required for Successful Job Performance
Stage and/or Production Management experience in music festivals or the touring performing arts, including a variety of different theaters and venues.
Ability to develop, communicate and execute an efficient work plan for the stage crew to follow during set changes.
Ability to maintain authority in in fast-paced and high stakes production setting
Experience working with classical music, dance, and a variety of performance genres preferred
Competency with electrical and lighting standards
Working knowledge of sound, light, and stage design
Experience calling cues and keeping to a strict schedule
Ability to set boundaries and be fair, firm, and flexible

Physical and Mental Requirements
Physical effort is light during planning stages, with lifting or carrying limited to 25 pounds intermittently. While on-site, physical effort is medium, with 12-14 hour shifts that may include standing for 3-4 hours at a time, occasional lifting and carrying of boxes and equipment up to 40 pounds, and ability to navigate a backstage environment with dim lighting and uneven flooring. Work includes making presentations in front of groups. There is pressure associated with project or activity deadlines. Work will require extended use of a computer keyboard and monitor. Work is performed in a fast-paced environment, where interruptions are frequent.

Working Conditions
From April to October, work schedule is flexible and work may be performed at the location of the Spotlight Showcase Producers choosing. Travel to Minneapolis is required for on-site work, September 3-7, 2019, and all travel expenses will be covered by Arts Midwest, including flight, hotel, ground transportation, and meal reimbursement Worker is responsible for their own supplies, including computer.


Emily Anderson

Operations Director



(612) 238-8031

Business Address

2908 Hennepin Ave

Suite 200

Minneapolis, MN 55408

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