Riverside Center for the Performing Arts
Fredericksburg, VA

Expires: 05/15/19


35,000 - 40,000 annually

Riverside Center for the Performing Arts in Fredericksburg, Virginia is seeking a bright, motivated, hard-working individual to serve as its Sound Designer/Engineer. The Sound Designer/Engineer is responsible for amplifying, mixing, recording, syncing, and reproducing sounds and effects for theatrical rehearsals, productions, concerts, and events. Additionally, The Sound Designer/Engineer will provide audio support in other areas throughout the venue as needed. This position will be responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting equipment, checking connections, and coordinating additional audio crew where applicable.

Direct Supervisors: Producing Artistic Director, Production Manager

Required: The candidate must hold a degree in Technical Theatre (or related field) from an accredited university or possess equivalent professional experience.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

- Set up and operate audio, and sound show control.
- Attend and participate in all system tunings, level settings, technical rehearsals, previews and performances.
- Attend and participate in all production and departmental meetings as scheduled.
- Set up and strike sound tech tables.
- Serve as the lead member of sound crew for work calls, load-ins, strikes, and changeovers.
- Work with Production Management to ensure all shows are completed within deadlines and budgets.
- Communicate proactively with stage managers, directors, guest artists, and other production department
heads to ensure safe and appropriate implementation of all sound elements.
- Program and operate sound console(s) for all rehearsals, previews, and performances.
- Maintain neat and accurate records of design execution for a given production
- Create and maintain all production related paperwork.
- Maintain organization and cleanliness of control booth and FOH mix position.
- Prepare sound board and equipment for all shows and maintain quality of sound throughout performance.
- Supports the operation of image mapping projection system.
- Troubleshoot problems with systems to quickly restore normal operation.
- Perform maintenance and repair to maintain high-performance quality and long-term reliability.
- Order necessary materials and supplies in a timely manner.
- Track deliveries and purchasing paperwork, submitting invoices and receipts to Production Management.
- Maintain and update system documentation.
- Assist visiting operators and technical staff utilizing venue facilities.
- Other duties as assigned


Must be at least 18 years of age.
The candidate must hold a degree in Technical Theatre (or related field) from an accredited
university or possess equivalent professional experience.
Minimum 3 years of experience in a professional and / or scholastic theatre environment, and or 1 year as
either an assistant or a department head;

Special Skills + Knowledge:

- Proficient with audio mixing, DSP, recording, amplification, and loudspeaker equipment (Midas M32, others).
- Proficient with video playback, recording, switching, and distribution equipment (Creston, Alcorn McBride,
Watchout, Seventh Sense).
- Proficient with headset and microphone care and maintenance.
- Proficient with video monitor and projection equipment (LG, Christie, Panasonic, Planar, others).
- Proficient with Windows and OSX operating systems.
- Proficient with Microsoft Office.
- Working knowledge of theatrical rigging and theatre operations.
- Working knowledge of health and safety priorities and practices for the performing arts.
- Able to effectively troubleshoot problems in complex systems.
- Able to maintain and project calm demeanor in high-demand situations.
- Able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

To apply for the position, please send resume and cover letter with two references to James Davis, Production Manager at sceneshop@riversidedt.com

Riverside Center for the Performing Arts does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation.


James Davis

Production Manager



Business Address

95 Riverside Parkway

Fredericksburg, VA 22406

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