The August Wilson Red Door Project
Portland OR, OR

Expires: 07/20/18

Job Dates

09/11/18 - 10/07/18


3,000 flat fee

The August Wilson Red Door Project is accepting applications from Stage Managers for our upcoming production of Cop Out (working title). Cop Out is a brand new, direct address style performance piece that reflects the complicated personal and professional experiences and emotions of police officers in our country today. In an effort to advance the dialogue between law enforcement and communities in a constructive way, The Red Door commissioned playwrights from across the country to interview a broad spectrum of police officers, including many officers of color and cops from diverse backgrounds, and write monologues to reflect their experiences.

You may be familiar with Hands Up: 7 Playwrights, 7 Testaments, which the Red Door has been touring locally and regionally for the past 3 years. Cop Out will be presented in a similar format, with a series of monologues performed in succession with a talkback following each performance. However, Cop Out is decidedly not the counterpart to Hands Up. Our intention is to more accurately reflect the complexity of emotions and experiences involved in what we too often think of as a binary, black-white, good-bad narrative, consistent with the Red Door mission of changing the racial ecology of Portland through the arts.

In order to reach these goals we need a production team that is willing to fully engage with this heart-wrenching work and to look inward as individuals and artists while staying true to our mission and values.

Dates of importance:

First Production Meetings - Early August
Workshop - August 16th-18th
Rehearsal Begins - September 11th
Designer Run - End of September
Opening - October 4th
Strike - October 7th

The show will open with a short run at the Dolores Winningstad Theatre in October with the possibility of additional venues to be added. We then intend to tour the show around the Portland metro area throughout 2019, as well as across the Pacific Northwest later in the year.

Compensation offered: $3,000 with further compensation available for work on future touring performances

If you are interested in working with us on this production, please email a current CV, cover letter, and any supporting materials to the listed contact email, with the subject line, Stage Manager Application for Cop Out (working title).

All applications must be received by July 20th. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis with all positions open until filled.

The August Wilson Red Door Project is an equal opportunity employer. All are encouraged to apply.


William Gebo

Production Manager



Business Address

6344 N Curtis Ave

Portland OR, OR 97217

Venue Address

Portland'5 Centers for the Arts - Dolores Winningstad Theatre

2913, 1111 SW Broadway

Portland OR, OR 97205

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