Dragone Macau Ltd - "The House of Dancing Water"
Macau, NE
Corporate / Trade Show

Expires: 05/11/18


competitive per month

+#61548; Maintain a Teamwork Attitude with supporting and a sharing of knowledge in your technical field. Be open to new ideas and be proactive with developing new techniques to give a longer life to our costumes, shows, and accessories.

+#61548; Maintain a Positive Work Environment in both forms communication and maintaining a tidy work area.

+#61548; Respect the artistic integrity of the costume design, wigs, accessories, and shoes in regards to the Look on a long term running show.

+#61548; Maintain a Follow Through communication of any notes, alterations, and any fitting request to the Lead and Deputy Wardrobe Technicians.

1. Roles and Responsibilities:

Responsible / Accountable
+#61548; As Headpiece Specialist:
+#61550; Training, coaching, and advise cross training of technicians with the maintenance, hand sewing, painting, rhinestones, handling, and construction of all headpieces.
+#61550; Work closely with the Deputy Lead Wigs/Makeup Technician in the construction and fit for all Wig Pieces and Headpieces with Hair Pieces.
+#61550; Proactive approach with providing new techniques and research to prolong the life of all the headpieces.
+#61550; Develop and maintain headpiece forecast and advise on orders with vendors. Provide notes associated with prototype testing and development for Vendors.
+#61550; Direct involvement in all fitting related to the headpieces and training fellow technician how to advise and assist the proper fit for all headpieces.

+#61548; Work on the maintenance of costumes and accessories; including hats, footwear, masks, for a large scale show.

+#61548; Have experience and working knowledge in effective fitting techniques and efficient alterations.

+#61548; Have a clear understanding and knowledge of a wide range of fabrics from neoprene, stretch, vinyls, and plastics.

+#61548; Have professional knowledge and experience in pattern cutting and manipulation. Assist with documenting and record keeping of all pattern notes and modifications.

+#61548; During all operations: assist in maintenance and costume fitting, as well as to the development of repairs and cleaning procedures.

+#61548; Be responsible for construction techniques and costume construction for costumes, accessories, millinery and footwear as required.

+#61548; Responsible for distributing laundry to performers dressing rooms every morning, ensure all laundry should be dry and check if they are missed laundry in the dressing rooms.

+#61548; Assist in Show Laundry.

+#61548; Responsible for reporting costume/footwear/haberdashery workshop supply needs to the Lead and Deputy Lead Technicians.

+#61548; Adhere to and enforce safety policies and participate in all Heath and Safety classes.

+#61548; Respect and adhere to deadlines.

+#61548; Attend Wardrobe Group Notes and Focus on the set priority of the day.

Assist with the integration of new costume items into the production; assist with promotional events and photo shoots as needed.
Work with head of wardrobe to respect and maintain creation and artistic changes, development and evolution of the show.

Be respectful of coordination with other departments, technical director, production manager, and stage management for the scheduling and running of performances and rehearsals.
Within the entire technical team, respect safety programmes.

Help maintain and update all wardrobe records.
Help maintain a costume plot and any relevant documentation.

Maintain the construction and the look of the accessories with professional and efficient methods on a daily basis.
Work collaboratively in a team environment to maintain the integrity of the show.

2. Qualifications :

College or technical diploma in related field.

2-3 Years experience in a position in a theatrical wardrobe.
Extensive knowledge of costume construction methods, care, and maintenance.

Physical Requirement
+#61548; Must be able to stand during your shift, walk, squat, bend, kneel, reach, twist, push and pull. Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds

Other Skills
Fluent in English (Written, Spoken) is required.
Fluent in Cantonese or French is a plus.

Interested parties, please send the resume to recruit@dragone.com.


Valentina Kwan

Head of Human Resources

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Business Address

Baia de Nossa Senhora de Esperanca Estrada da Cotai

Macau, NE 07100

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