West Hollywood, CA

Expires: 04/24/18

Job Dates

Oct 29-Nov 3rd.


$500 flat fee

Looking for a PRODUCTION MANAGER to facilitate all aspects of strike for Elevator - a play by Michael Leoni, which is closing at The Coast Playhouse on October 29th!

Duties would include scheduling, crewing and overseeing all aspects of the strike, from top to bottom.
Strike can happen anytime the week of Monday, October 30th. Three day project. One day Scenic Strike, One day Lighting/Audio Strike, one day final clean ups, returns, etc.

- 4 Carpenters - 8 hour day, $25/hr should tear down the set.
- 2 LX/Audio - 8 hour day, $25/hr should be plenty to completely strike the LX and audio gear.
- 2 loaders @ $15/hour on scenic strike day to help move shit back and forth to trashcans.
- 1 Runner to do returns for $15/hour. (Must have an SUV)
- 2 PAs @ $15/hour on final strike day for clean up, and final touches.

small lighting package that goes to Acey Decy Lighting. (fits in prius or SUV)
There is one item that returns to Universal Prop Department
There is a small lighting package that returns to Calabasas High School.

Re: Set Strike.
Most of it can likely be trashed or recycled. Rent a dumpster? Arrange trash pick up with the city of west hollywood? Call ECO SETS about doing a pick up??

I want someone to be able to completely take this off the hands of the producing team. Please get in touch if you're available, and well connected to other technicians to facilitate crewing!


David Goldstein


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Business Address

Rivington St

NY, NY 10002

Venue Address

Coast Playhouse

8325 Santa Monica Blvd

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Posted: 10/24/2017 22:36:51 EST

Last Updated: 11/01/2016 03:02 EST

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