Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Boston, MA

Expires: 11/10/18

Job Dates



19 per hour

Reports To: Technical Director, BCB
Supervises: student labor, overhire
Classification: part time hourly, overtime paid after 40 hours in a Berklee Work week.
Hours: flexible each week (nights and weekends required per production).
Academic year position

-Find, build, create, or borrow props and furniture for 5 theater and 3 opera mainstage productions and 3 to 5 faculty directed curricular projects in the Zack Box studio theater.
-Assist the Stage Management team in procuring rehearsal props for main stage shows.
-Maintain and update props paperwork in conjunction with Stage Management. Utilize production Dropbox for sharing information.
-Strike each production and return props after close of each production.
-May assist in creation of special items for productions as requested by Technical Director
-Establish prop meetings with director, stage manager and technical director.
-Work with Technical Director to determine if any props need to be built by scene shop. Work with costume department to determine costume prop procurement.
-Assist in maintaining Conservatory props storage areas.
-Ensures that proper safety measures and adequate housekeeping are observed by all under his/her direction.
-Immediately alerts the Technical Director of any potential problems and recommends solutions.
-Attend Technical and Dress Rehearsals as determined by Technical Director to resolve technical difficulties encountered as well as evaluate progress and functionality in planning the next days work. Set priorities based upon these evaluations. Typical technical rehearsals are weekends with dress rehearsals in the evenings of weekdays.

Skills: Bachelors degree required. Proficiency in procuring/creating props, use of hand and electric tools, craft work essential. Experience in painting, sewing, upholstery helpful. Massachusetts drivers license required. Ownership of vehicle a plus. Must be able to work independently and lift objects of up to 30 pounds.

Apply here: http://bit.ly/BCBProps


Andrew Chandler

Technical Director



(617) 912-9129

Business Address

31 Hemenway Street

Boston, MA 02115

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Last Updated: 05/25/2018 12:53 EST

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