Production Consolidated of NY
New York, NY

Expires: 03/22/18

Job Dates

10/06/17 - 12/30/17


875-1100 + per diem + prep fees per week

Team Gershwin is looking for Tour Crew for two companies a new national touring show of the iconic Peanuts holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas LIVE.
Postions available
-Technical Director: primary road production contact; responsible to run load-ins and outs and mange the daily call; for supervision of all scenic drops and set pieces; be well versed with basic theatrical rigging and set maintenance. Assist Props Supervisor with Marley and moving set pieces.+#8232;+#8232;Lighting Director will assist Technical Director to run load ins and outs on a daily basis.+nbsp;+#8232;+#8232;Lighting Director will manage local crews

-Lighting Supervisor: responsible for loading in lights and running performances; be well-versed in ETC consoles and have familiarity with moving and conventional fixtures of all types; assist Technical Director to run load ins and outs.+nbsp;+nbsp;+#8232;+#8232;-Audio Supervisor: responsible for loading in show audio and running performances of 7 cast plus 3 musicians; be well-versed in digital consoles and have familiarity with wireless microphones and small-band mixing; assist Technical Director to run load ins and outs.

-Props Supervisor: responsible for show Marley; supervision and maintenance of all properties; be well versed with basic props carpentry and painting. Assist Technical Director to run load-ins and outs.

Successful candidates will have tour experience directing local union and non-union crews.+#8232;The tour will visit theatrical venues with extreme variation in technical specifications. +nbsp;+#8232;+#8232;Team Gershwin and ACBC offer a challenging and rewarding engagement, lasting from October through through December 30, 2017 with potential tours in 2018 and beyond.+#8232;+#8232;Please send your cover letter and resume to the above email.


Gregg Bellon

Production Manager

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(646) 567-6724

Business Address

P.O Box 1709

New York, NY 101011709

Posted: 09/22/2017 00:39:24 EST

Last Updated: 12/10/2016 01:00 EST

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