Long Beach Playhouse
Long Beach, CA

Expires: 09/12/18

Job Dates

03/13/18 - 05/26/18


$400 flat fee

Looking for an ASM/BOard Op for our upcoming production of "Crumbs From the Table of Joy" @ The Long Beach Playhouse. Below are the Tech Dates for the Production.

Pay is a $400 Stipend

Crumbs From The Table of Joy (2018) Tech Dates
Feb 21, 2018 Wed. 6pm -7pm: Production Meeting
Feb 26, 2018 Mon. 6pm -7pm: Production Meeting
Mar. 5 + 6, 2018, Mon./Tues. 7pm -10pm: Auditions
Mar. 7, 2018, Wed. 7pm-10pm: Callbacks
Mar. 10, 2018, Sat. Noon-3pm: First Read-Through+#8232;
Mar. 27 2018, Tues. 6pm-7pm: Preview Photos+#8232;
April 9, 2018, Mon. 7pm-10pm: Designer Run-Through
April 15, 2018, Sun. 9am: Set Sunday
Noon: Paper Tech+#8232;
April 16-20, 2018 Mon.-Fri. 9am-6:30pm (Designers Only):
Load Week
April 21st, 2018, Sat. 9am-6pm: Dry Tech+#8232;
April 22, 2018, Sun. Noon-6pm: Cue to Cue+#8232;
April 23, 2018, Mon. 6pm call, 7pm Go: 1st Dress Rehearsal+#8232;
April 24, 2018, Tues. 6pm call, 7pm Go: 2nd Dress Rehearsal+#8232;
April 25, 2018, Wed. 6pm call, 8pm Go: 3rd Dress Rehearsal
Photo Call 7pm 7:30pm+#8232;
April 26, 2018, Thurs. 7pm call, 8pm Go: Invited Dress Rehearsal+#8232;
April 27, 2018, Fri. 7pm call, 8pm Go: Preview+#8232;
April 28, 2018 Sat. 7pm call, 8pm Go: Opening and Gala+#8232;
Show runs Fridays through Sundays except for the first and last Sunday of the run with possible Benefit shows Thursday and Sunday evenings.+#8232;
May 26, 2018, Sat.: Closes

These dates only Represent the tech dates for the show and not the regular rehearsals. Rehearsals start after the first Read-Through and are set by the director. They usually happen 4-5 times a week unless the show is a musical, which may have more. General rehearsal times are 7pm-10pm M-Th with possible weekend rehearsals Sat. during the day and/or Sun evenings after 5pm.


Larry Mura

Technical Director



(562) 494-1014

Business Address

5021 E Anaheim ST

Long Beach, CA 90814

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