The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College
Purchase, NY

Expires: 08/10/17


40,000-45,000 annually

The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College is accepting applications for the Production Coordinator position. The Production Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Production and shares responsibilities with two other Production Coordinators in the department. The Production Coordinator is responsible for, but not limited to, the supervision and implementation of production elements for all events assigned to them, supervision of professional and student stage crew, oversight of safety and basic knowledge of technical systems, such as lighting, audio and rail and acting as Stage Manager for events as needed. This position also has an office component that requires understanding of time sheets, equipment charge backs and your involvement in production meetings. During non-event times, the Production Coordinator would be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all technical equipment and operating systems; technical advancement of events as assigned; maintain order and cleanliness of venues

Essential Responsibilities
Complete technical preparation in a timely manner; prepare equipment prior to load-in; ensure backup equipment and supplies are on hand; advise Director of Production and other Center staff of changes; inform crews of event schedule and needs ensuring smooth technical operation from load-in through strike; clearly communicate with all backstage and FOH personnel; maintain highest production standards; the Director of Production is informed of any anticipated difficulties or friction; strike and restore are thorough; event charge backs for both crew and equipment are completed, pick up information is clear; back charges and weekly summaries by event are submitted to the Director of Production promptly; post-event reviews are conducted with the Director of Production, if needed to avoid future problems.

Secondary Responsibilities
Preparation is thorough; event flow, sequence and timing are understood by artists, crew and FOH staff; coordination with House Management effects smooth transitions into and out of performance; details and nuances of stage look and all non-performer aspects of a performance are controlled; adjustments are made as necessary without drawing audience attention. Theatres and adjacent spaces are secured when not in use; equipment and supplies are properly secured when not in use; missing equipment or damage is immediately reported to Director of Production. Act as positive role model in approaching and accomplishing work in a professional manner; express an interest in student work; provide instruction and oversight in the use of stage equipment as assigned. Stages and equipment are checked regularly to ensure safe, efficient operational capability; ensure that the standard inventory of equipment and supplies for the theatres is maintained and available for events. Crews are instructed in security and safety standards; crews work safely and without taking unnecessary risks; all in-house production elements have proper treatments and/or approvals; relevant hazardous materials information is made available to staff and crew. Availability and visibility to solve immediate problems; to work in a collegial manner with all functional relationships and to work efficiently, promptly and accurately, with attention to details, in a positive, open, constructive and solution oriented manner; to work in a spirit of cooperation; crisis situations are avoided where possible through the anticipation of problems.

Candidates are required to complete an on-line application via the College's job vacancy website and attach a resume specifying work experience and education, a cover letter (maximum one-page) expressing interest in the position and summarizing qualifications, and the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses (and phone numbers, if possible) of THREE (3) references, who can speak to your experience related to this position. Phone calls, hard copy, or e-mail submissions of application materials will NOT be accepted.



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