Barter Theatre
Abingdon, VA

Expires: 11/15/18

Job Dates

start mid-September 2018, mostly year round


$525 /wk, negotiable, based on experience per week

Summary of the Job:
The primary responsibility of the Wardrobe Supervisor is to assist actors in dressing and quick changes, to clean and maintain all costumes and costume pieces, and to keep the integrity of the costume design intact through the running of the show.

Essential Functions:
Preparation for Performances
Acquire a working knowledge of the show by reading the script, studying the costume plot, being familiar with the costume pieces, and any necessary work charts.
Attend at least one run-through in the rehearsal hall prior to dress rehearsal.
Assign dressing rooms and report assignments to Stage Management
Anticipate supply needs and procure necessary goods
Check-in and load-in shows for tech/performances
Prepare dressing rooms and quick change spaces
Distribute all necessary costume lists to actors, i.e. piece lists and quick change lists
Instruct and supervise dressers and wardrobe interns
It is imperative that the Wardrobe Supervisor has completed ALL duties PRIOR to the actors arrival for half hour, so as to be able to focus completely on the actors
Be available to help actors with costumes before, during and after each performance
Delegate each costume change amongst self and dressers
Choreograph quick changes, coordinating with actors; teach to dressers if necessary
Update all necessary run lists including but not limited to check lists, pre-set lists, quick change lists and run sheets
Communicate any problems, concerns with the Stage Manager after each performance
Set the crew calls for dressers. Arrive promptly for all crew calls
Assist with the check in of all costume pieces prior to each performance
Have all costume pieces cleaned and "show ready" prior to the actors' call or prior to the actors arrival, whichever comes first
Assist with the preset all costume pieces as needed for each performance
Be available to help actors with costumes/hair/makeup before, during and after each performance.
Execute all assigned costume changes
Maintain and be responsible for all costume pieces during the run of the show
Check in all costumes and accessories following each performance
Maintain the integrity of the Costume Design, making no changes or alterations without the consent of the Costume Shop Manager
Supervise any costume crew
Respond quickly and effectively to any requests or questions from the Stage Manager, Designer, Wig/Makeup Designer or Shop Manager regarding costumes/wigs/makeup
Communicate with the Shop Manager on a regular basis. Report any maintenance needed that is beyond the usual day to day notes, changes and/or replacements that are necessary, and any requests or questions from Stage Management
Replenish all perishables (hose, tights, make-up, etc.) in a timely manner
Maintenance of show
Be aware of the Actors Equity regulations regarding maintenance of costumes and pieces
Execute actors costume repair notes prior to the next performance
Solicit help from Shop Manager if a repair is beyond your comfort level of execution
Keep all costumes and costume pieces in their original condition, repairing and/or retouching as needed
Set a laundry schedule in accordance with Actors Equity rules and with the assistance of the Shop Manager. Notify the cast of the laundry schedule and where they should place dirty laundry following each performance
Drop off any outside dry cleaning as needed according the Actors Equity rules
Pick up any outside dry cleaning early enough to steam costume pieces, if needed
Supervise day-to-day maintenance of wigs/facial hair as necessary. Use the wig bible as reference for consistency during run
Polish shoes as necessary and retouch shoe color as needed
Monitor the shows during their run:
On a weekly basis, check through clothes for hidden notes, and wear + tear Monitor distressed and dyed clothes for consistency during run
Monitor wigs and haircuts for consistency during run; alert the Shop Manager if actors require a haircut
Striking the show
Immediately following the final performance, once the actors' needs are met, strike all costume pieces and quick change areas from backstage in accordance with the Technical Director or Stage Carpenter. This may include racks, hooks, etc. that have been set up for quick changes
Clean and strike all costumes and accessories at the close of the show using check list to ensure that all pieces are accounted for
Return each show, in its entirety, to the costume shop for restocking
General Maintenance
Keep wardrobe room organized, safe, and clean at all times
Keep quick change areas clean, safe, and organized at all times
Keep dressing rooms clean, neat and safe at all times
Restock general wardrobe supplies as needed either by shopping or pulling from the costume shop
Perform general maintenance of equipment. Inform the Shop Manager of any equipment failure or professional repair needed.
The Wardrobe Supervisor will be given petty cash and tax exempt forms at the beginning of the season to be used solely for replenishment of wardrobe supplies and production running expenses
The Wardrobe Supervisor will turn in petty cash receipts to the Shop Manager on a timely basis, no less frequently that the close of each rep, for reimbursement and replenishment of petty cash.

Additional Functions:
Other duties as assigned

Required Education/Experience:
No less than 3 years professional experience as a Wardrobe Master. Previous repertory experience preferred. OR five years professional experience as an Asst. Wardrobe Master.

Necessary Skills:
Basic to advanced sewing skills.
Expert knowledge of laundry cleaning techniques and uses of clothes cleaning agents. Working knowledge of clothes washers + dryers, industrial steamers, industrial and domestic irons, domestic sewing machines
Willingness to learn to operate dry-cleaning machine
Basic wig and makeup skills. Ability to learn basic wig maintenance.
Basic knowledge of general computer software systems and a willingness to learn "The Costume Bible" program.
Proficient with AEA handbook as it pertains to costumes/wardrobe
Proven leadership ability
Expert communication and diplomacy skills
Valid driver license and a clean driving record. Reliable transportation preferred, but not required.
Ability to lift at least 50 lbs., climb stairs, stand for long periods of time, work in the dark

Applicants should email their resume, references, and examples of running sheets for shows involving a cast of 18 or larger playing multiple roles.


Camille Davis

Director of Production



Business Address

Barter Theatre

PO Box 867

Abingdon, VA 24212

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