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Theme Park / Cruise Ship

Expires: 12/29/17

Job Dates

6/7 month contracts - automatically re-newable if wanted


including Food Accomodation, Transport and medical bimonthly

We are currently seeking on behalf of the worlds biggest cruise lines including Carnival and Royal Caribbean for qualified Rigging Support Staff. This is a great position for anyone with a passion for working in theatre whilst travelling to some of worlds most exciting destinations and gaining valuable life and work experience.

Our Rigging Support Staff are responsible to assist the rigging specialists with the setup and operation of the production and entertainment programs, and are also responsible to assist with regular maintenance and inspection of the Foy Flying Equipment and stage rigging systems.
Primary duties include:

Assists the rigging specialist with ongoing maintenance of stage rigging and Foy systems.
Also assists with the troubleshooting and repair of this equipment.
May perform work utilizing climbing/rescue harness equipment 20-100 feet off the floor.
Safely works with entertainer flying systems, silks, props and harness equipment.
Helps maintain the artistic standards and intentions of the producer, director and technical designer for the production and centrum shows
Works with the rigging specialist to conduct weekly inspections of all rigging systems with special attention paid to safety systems and features
Assists the rigging specialist with various show set-ups.
Ensures that all rigging-related work is being done safely and in accordance with OSHA guidelines

Minimum requirements:

Working knowledge of theatrical rigging, maintenance and inspections including: hemp
or counterweight rigging, automated systems, winch/motorized rigging, ground rigging,
high steel and rock climbing are preferred. Ability to troubleshoot, repair and maintain
automated rigging systems.


Dani Kuysten

Recruiter Specialist

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Posted: 08/13/2017 02:00:00 EST

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