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Job Dates

06/17/18 - 08/13/18


negotiable, plus room and board bimonthly

The Technical Director manages three theaters for the summer theater season at the premiere performing arts camp, Belvoir Terrace, in Lenox, MA. He/She must be highly knowledgeable in all areas of technical theater and dedicated to working with students.
Experience: 3 or more years in theatre working as a technician. B.A. in Technical Theatre or Theatre with a focus on technical theater.
Major Responsibilities:
Provide scenic support and technical direction of the implementation, building, and rigging of simple sets for designated productions, maintain all carpentry, rigging, and staging equipment, supervise and organize designated facilities, storage areas, and scene shop areas, schedule and supervise and train a small group of student theatre technicians, assist directors and provide props, simple set design elements, appropriate lighting and sound for each production, set up and run all music and events and other third party events as scheduled by the Theater Chairperson, attend production meetings with Theater Directors.
Perform regular maintenance on lighting instruments, gels, and other materials in inventory. Provide lighting design and implementation by hanging and focusing instruments, writing, and recording cues for performances. Interview in NYC or by Skype, Job location is in Lenox, MA.
Apply on-line at: www.belvoirterrace.com and email resumes to diane@belvoirterrace.com.
No smokers, please.


Nancy Goldberg




(212) 580-3398

Business Address

101 W. 79th Street

NEW YORK, NY 10024

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