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Job Qualifications

Wig Designer, Rigger, Sound Operator, Sound Engineer, Makeup Crew, Moving Light Programmer, Mic Runner, Projections Operator, Projections Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Stagehand, Production Assistant, Carpenter, House Manager, Office Manager, Shop Foreman, Properties Assistant, Motors Operator, Electrician, Assistant Projections Designer, Box Office Assistant, Master Carpenter, Wig Run Crew, Master Electrician, Follow Spot Operator, Properties Carpenter, Wardrobe Crew, Stage Manager, Assistant Technical Director, Operations Manager, Sound Designer

Primary Skills:

Cricket, Logic, Drafting, Costume Shopping, Wig Styling, Makeup, Props Shopping, Teaching: Secondary School, Script Reading, qLab, Wig Construction

Additional Experience in:

Sound Reinforcement, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Foam Carving, Furniture Building, ETC Expression, Strand

In a Pinch, I can:

Recording, Rigging, Motors Rigging


Production Arts Workshop 2017
Work setting up various events stage, truss, lights, pipe, drape with crew members and other companies loading in and out.

Next Page Event Services 2016
Fill in loading, setting up and tearing down with crew members for chairmans event at the delta flight museum for four calls working with lights, power, drape, stage, projectors, scaffolding, cable and truss. Help other companies load. Help hang banners.

Aesthetic Visual Solutions 2016
Load in working with crew members from dock to ballroom. Setup in ballroom truss, pipe, drape and projectors.

Neighbors Yard Nikki 2013
Clean grass, cut hedges, move yard furniture and cut grass in nearby neighbors yard.

Alliance Theatre 2013
Work with tools onstage with crew members. Move set and scenery. Load trucks working with drivers and other crew members. Work while demolishing set.

Emerson College 2011
Work with crew members on batons during a hang working with cable, hardware, connectors, lights, genie and mics. Unload assisting on the dock with lumber, supplies and hardware from the dock to the theatre. Work helping move various equipment on stage.

Atlanta Trees and Tents
2011 Unload trucks pine trees, stomps, tools, from trucks onto a property on a feild.

Local I.A T.S.E 11 2011
Work on the carpenter crew taking off floor in the stadium after a game with lighting and sound crew.

Carp op in Boston 2011
Work for a theatre production client building set, storing, putting up and loading helping with help and business owner moving scenery equipment and materials.

Lady with a rehearsal 2011
Work on about five calls helping with errands, catering, painter, maintaining, moving benches and chairs on standby in rehearsals.

Wilbur Theatre 2011
Work helping crew members with duties during a setup loading set, boxes and wiring set.

Drink Master Bartending School 2011
Load in with lighting assisting setting up bases, lights, cable pipe and mats. Work with bar members of the staff helping setup event bars, supplies, equipment and decoration loading, arranging, helping drivers on site.

Verizon 2011
Walk passing out flyers, brochures and posters through neighborhoods with a vest and pager.

VDA Productions 2011
Freelance work with carpenters, help and electricians in the shop working from designs painting, moving sets assisting fabricating working with tools loading working with incoming crew members moving furniture.

Harvard University 2011
Work in the theatre with sound guy and lighting designer loading equipment while setting up sound.

Tremont Temple Baptist Church 2011
Load in church space helping setup for event with crew members. Work in the space helping unpack bins working with electrical, drape, components, stools and supplies.

Big Apple Circus 2009
Spotlight operator and electrician.

The Show Business 2008
Work on call loading in av equipment, setting up, loading out for concerts and events working with company owner and shop manager. Work with crew members on tasks on site. Unload at shop. Worked at two amphitheatres. Work with traveling crews on site.

Tinsley Arts and Entertainment 2010
Work at business property client home and night club working with company owner load prepping, checking, setting up audiovisual equipment.

Local I.A.T.S.E. 22 2007
Work during a hotel in downtown DC loadin.

Some Company in D.C. 2007
Work at three sites setting up and loading.

Shakespeare Theatre 2007
Work setting up taking off loading in the theatre sets, costumes, rigging and scenery. Worked during a set demolish.

Frost Lighting Co of D.C. 2007
Work in venues for events with crew members. Work with crew leads on site loading and setting up.

Atmosphere Inc. 2004
Worked during events setup with rigging, power and work assisting crew members with lighting projects working from plots at various venues indoor and outdoors. Work with other crews helping setup. Work with sound crew working with monitors, mics, stands, racks and cables. Work with other companies leads and designers on sites. Change overs. Load ins. Load outs. Work on call during the week in DC, Maryland and Virginia for various types of shows helping other companies. Work with various clients on site.


Various skills in production, sound, lights, carp, projection, spot, and a2 training.

Repair equipment, shop prep, standby, master electrician, Sound board op, A2 digital and analog console experienced.

Floor crew, stagehand, electrician, setup dimmers and distros from plots.

Work building sets for productions in theatre, tv recording, touring shows, traveling shows, conventions, installing work with incoming carps, crew and productions.

Drafting, costumes, teacher assistant, setup sound, focus from plots,


Montgomery College
Maryland Speech 2003-2004

Multi Media Training Institute
Washington, D.C. Technical Theatre 2002-2003

H.D. Woodson
Washington, D.C. Diploma 2002-2003

Corcoran College of Art
Washington, D.C. Drawing 2000-2003

Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Washington, D.C. Technical Theatre 1999-2002


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