Master Electrician

Moving Light Programmer

Orlando, FL
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Last Updated: 06/05/2019 18:21 EST

Job Qualifications

Electrician, Master Electrician, Moving Light Programmer, Light Board Operator, Pyrotechnics, Assistant Lighting Designer, Follow Spot Operator, Lighting Designer

Primary Skills:

Whole Hog 3, ETC EOS, Strand, GrandMA

Additional Experience in:

ETC Expression, VectorWorks

In a Pinch, I can:



Experienced in maintaining Altman and Strand/Century luminaries, Clay Paky Alpha 1200's and Sharpy 330's, with some experience on ETC luminaries. Proficient in Strand Genius Pro and 300 Series programming, though only slightly familiar with Automated fixture programming for these systems. Experience in programming Grand MA 2, Whole Hog Full Boar, and ETC EOS consoles, including patching, cuing, moving lights, digital media, and busking.
Also familiar with single and double purchase fly systems.
Graduated May 2009 from Western Kentucky University with a BFA in Performing Arts, and a concentration in Tech and Design.
Additional education includes Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas' 2013 course on Movers and Digital Media.
I hold the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas Seal of Qualification in Lighting Systems and Programing.
I hold a Proximate Audience Pyrotechnic Assistant Operators License in North Carolina, a Pyrotechnic Proximate Audience Operator Assistant license in New Hampshire, and have a Visitor Pyrotechnician card in Canada.
I am a carded member of IATSE Local 631 in Orlando, Florida.
I previously held a CDL Class A, and operated OTR for a year and nine months.
Interested in local and touring gigs, and willing to relocate for employment.


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(270) 312-7196

Mailing Address

118 Shelby ST

APT 11

Auburndale, FL 33823

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