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Sound Engineer

New Haven, CT
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Last Updated: 02/06/2020 17:47 EST

Job Qualifications

Sound Designer, Assistant Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Sound Operator, Web / Publicity Designer

Primary Skills:

Recording, Pro Tools

Additional Experience in:


In a Pinch, I can:

SFX, Sound Reinforcement


Graduate of the University of New Haven
Bachelor of Art's in Music and Sound Recording (2019)

Relevant Coursework:
MIND 2261 - Intro to Music Industry
MUSR 4401 - Advanced Recording II
MUSR 4454 - Special Topics: Audio Post-Production for Media MUSR 4452 - Special Topics: Game Audio + Interactive Sound MUSC 3352 - Analysis and History of European Art Music II

- Advised by Simon Hutchinson, Ph.D. - Ambisonics with Point Micing in a Musical Setting (December 2019) - Shadowed Sean Loughry of Patriot Sound at the Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (July 2019)
- Audio Post-Production for Media Project - Battle of Helms Deep Audio Replacement (Fall 2017)
- Studio Recording II Final Project - Youre So Vain Cover, Recorded on Multitrack Tape (Fall 2017)

Upon completing my journey at the University of New Haven, I now have upwards of 520 studio hours logged and have a comprehensive understanding of ProTools and signal flow for studio recording and mixing. I have experience with Front of House and Monitor mixes from my time shadowing Sean Loughry and Grayson Rech of Patriot Sound where I had the opportunity to mix entire sets at the Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts and I'm always eager to learn more. I have experience creating sound effects and mixing audio for fixed and interactive media (the latter within Unity and Facebook 360). Disclaimer does not perform any background checks or fact checking on any person listed on The Contact Sheets. If your company is susceptible to legal or media scrutiny, or works frequently with children, you are especially encouraged to get further information about your potential employees.

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