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Last Updated: 01/31/2020 12:53 EST

Job Qualifications

Properties Assistant, Production Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Properties Carpenter, Properties Master, Properties Designer, Carpenter, Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Stitcher, Assistant Scenic Designer, Costume First Hand, Assistant Costume Designer, Wardrobe Crew, Production Manager, House Manager, Electrician, Scenic Artist, Light Board Operator, Moving Light Programmer, Scenic Designer, Stagehand

Primary Skills:

Color Mixing, Foam Carving, Props Shopping, Furniture Building

Additional Experience in:

Drafting, Dyeing, Costume Shopping, Serging

In a Pinch, I can:

VectorWorks, ETC EOS, Strand, GrandMA


Berea College; KY (Fall 2019)
Properties Master Inventory. Budgeting. Maintenance. Organization. Research. Tracking sheet generation. Props table organization. Band saw and table saw (Saw-Stop) maintenance. Graphic Design. Managing a props associate. Leading a crew.

Props Designer Design. Construction. Shaping thermoplastics. Application of two-part resin. Plastics. Wood-working and metal work. EVA foam patterning. 3D modeling software. Commercial sewing (Brother), hand sewing. Assist with construction in scene shop as well as hanging and focusing lights. Co-Designed the scenery in addition to designing and built twenty-two fantasy weapons and five dragon heads for She Kills Monsters

Teaching Assistant Assisted student's on projects and papers. Assisted the professor with grading. Handing out papers and teaching. Schedule times for students outside of class time. Kept track of attendance. Responsible for catching up any student that was absent. Responsible for maintenance on machinery. Ensured safety procedures. Cleaning up the wood shop. Collaborated with fellow students on projects. Inventory of the wood species and chemicals.

Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas; NV (Summer 2019)
Special Effects and Pyro with Advanced Entertainment Services including extra week as an intern following SILV 2019, Digital Drafting (Vectorworks), Rigging and Rigging Safety, Lighting Technology and Electrical Safety, Movers, Media, and Rock n Roll, Previsualization, Programming Moving Lights and Media Servers with Eos Family, GrandMA2, Green Hippo, and Vision.

Animax Designs Inc.; TN (Summer 2017)
Internship. Details under nondisclosure. Developed foam carving skills. Assisted with the shipping and handling department, built shipping crates. Research. Application of barge cement. Patterned for foam, glued foam with precision. Assisted with moving to a new building.


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147 E.Haiti rd

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