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Detroit, MI
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Last Updated: 01/21/2020 13:15 EST

Job Qualifications

Electrician, Forklift Operator [certified], Rental Manager, Company Manager, Production Manager, Production Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Sound Operator, Assistant Technical Director, Sound Engineer, Assistant Sound Designer, Carpenter, Technical Director, Follow Spot Operator, Motors Operator, Rigger, Mic Runner, Production Assistant, Stagehand, Camera Operator, Assistant Stage Manager

Primary Skills:

Sound Reinforcement, Pro Tools, Rigging, Motors Rigging, Forklift

Additional Experience in:

SFX, Recording, Logic, Furniture Building, qLab

In a Pinch, I can:

Drop Painting, Faux Finishes, Props Shopping, VectorWorks, Lightwright, Script Reading


Started out in theater at Midland Center for the arts in Midland MI at 12. Spent all 4 years of High School as lead Audio Tech at Central Auditorium for both High Schools in town. Also ran sound for everyone of my friends bands throughout those years. lol

After Graduation I chose to go directly into the field instead of College. I have been a freelance engineer running and gunning all over. Anything from being a Stagehand to being an A1 and Production Company Lead. Most recently spent 5 years in Michigan as Lead Tech and Assistant Office Manager for HYPERMAN PRODUCTIONS. Responsibilities included overseeing proper deployment of Line Array (db DVA k5's), Lighting Systems, Digital Mixing Console's (LS9, M7, AVID SC48, MIDAS M32, BEHRINGER X32, YAMAHA CL5), Proper Setup of Digital Remote Stage Boxes, Analog FOH Mixing Consoles w/ Paired FX Racks, Oversee Stage Deck Builds, Roof Builds, Backline Rental/Setup, Training of other Techs in house on Gear, Invoicing/Billing, Show Advancement with Acts and Venues, Job Quotes/System Design, Installation of Components for Different Clients, ect. Was responsible for FOH duties if act didn't have touring FOH, Monitor Tech to assist Touring FOH. Left there because of lack of Opportunity for advancement.

I am open to tour in any position I can fill. I also would love to meet the right band who needs a consistent FOH. I am partnered into a Recording Studio Project in Bay City MI. Any other questions please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to an opportunity to help your show be a Success! I am available for Work ASAP, Student Mentality and ready to expand my knowledge.


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(989) 264-4183

Mailing Address

1321 Broadway St.

Bay City, MI 48708

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