Sound Engineer

Sound Designer

New York, NY
Will Tour | Will Travel

Last Updated: 07/11/2019 12:10 EST

Job Qualifications

Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound Operator, Assistant Sound Designer, Mic Runner


Ciera Dumas of The Voice season 16 - Touring FOH, audio engineer, producer, mixer
Big Dreams, Sweet Maybes - producer, audio engineer, mixer
Chad Lawson (The Walking Dead, Lore) live recording at The Stage Theater - audio engineer
Charlie Hunter (Snarky Puppy, Quest Love, DAngelo) live recording at The Memphis Music Mansion - audio engineer
Listen to the River, The Collection - producer, audio engineer, mixer
Brian Morykon - audio engineer
Lauren Light - audio engineer
The Helsers live recording at The Carolina Theater - audio engineer
Wicked Game, Grace Sims - mixer
Soul Jam - touring foh engineer
Liberty Street Band - touring foh engineer
Rescue House Church - Main Campus foh engineer, production manager
Companyon - audio engineer, mixer
Over Easy - producer, audio engineer, mixer
Lonely Star - mixer
Terra Jo - producer, audio engineer, mixer
Prism Motorcycles
Commercial. Production Sound Mixer.
Producer- Austin Simmons. Director- Josh Slithe.
Ask a Local North Carolina
Travel Series. Production Sound Mixer.
Produced by Jeff Hurlow. Directed by Ashley Davidson.
Innovation Quarter
Corporate Interview. Production Sound Mixer.
Producer- Matt Russell.
Documentary. Production Sound Mixer.
Producer- Jes Goodyear. Director- Richard Chisolm.
Travel Light -Feature Length Documentary. Composer, Mixer.
Producer/Director- Lindsay Thompson.
I Am Fundi
Short Film. Composer, Mixer.
Director- Riede Dervay.
Rhino Room
Short Film. Composer, Mixer.
Producer/Director- Emily Morgan.
All They Knew
Short Film. Composer, Mixer.
Producer- Brittany Brock. Director- Jen Gray
Terms and Conditions
Short Film. Composer, Mixer.
Director- Beth Fletcher.
UNC Online
Commercial. Composer, Mixer.
Producer- Brittany Brock.


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