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Job Qualifications

Sound Designer, Assistant Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Sound Operator

Primary Skills:

Sound Reinforcement, Recording, Logic, qLab

Additional Experience in:


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Pro Tools


Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester UK

Since September 2015 I have had three separate contracts working at The Royal Exchange Theatre amounting to a total of sixteen months. This has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences during my career. I have learnt more working at this theatre than I did in my four years of study. Solely working for the sound department I was able to purely concentrate on the audio aspects of theatre working alongside some of the top Sound Designers in the country. My responsibilities as a sound technician at The Royal Exchange Theatre include:

Operated Various shows and events - Crucible, Pomona, Wit, Streetcar Named Desire, Breaking the Code, Suppliant Women, Twelfth Night and SFX Events
Extensive use of QLab, MainStage, Timax 2
Sound Fit Ups/Changeovers
Working with GPO patch cables/panels
System Balancing/Rig Checks
Live Microphone Operating
Sound Repairs/Maintenance
Working closely with Sound Designers
Creating Sound Practicals
Marking Scripts for Sound Operating

The knowledge and confidence in my abilities I have gained during my time here have been invaluable to my development as a technician. My colleagues at this theatre have shown me my potential and exactly what I am capable of.

Stagedoor Manor, NY

During one of my gaps in employment with The Royal Exchange I went across to America to work for a theatre camp over the summer as a sound designer. The company was called Stagedoor Manor, operating within the Catskills of New York State. The camp ran for a total of three months. In eleven weeks the company produced forty two shows across seven venues. This was a huge challenge but it was the most rewarding experience of my career. Sound design is a concept I've always had an interest in but never had the opportunity to pursue. I was also the only sound technician on camp, therefore it was my responsibility to rig and maintain all sound equipment as well as design all the shows. I was also asked to help other departments to help finish their goals for each show including the scenic shops and painting departments. My main responsibilities in this role included:

Sound Designing all 42 shows
Rigging and Maintaining all 7 Venues
Attend all Production Meetings
Source Sound Effects
Create Sound Effects
Programme shows in QLab
Record and Mix Recordings for Voiceovers
Recommend Sound System Improvements
Wireless Microphone Setups
Work Closely with other Creative Departments to achieve production needs

I was also tasked with educating a student on camp who had an interest in sound engineering. He would meet with me for an hour a day to learn the fundamentals of dynamic and effects process as well as mixing and recording techniques. We were sometimes required to work 110 hour weeks in order to get all the shows finished in time. This was a huge undertaking but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Edinburgh Fringe

My first job after graduating was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In this month, I ran a small venue at North Bridge in Edinburgh. The artists performances were mainly based around music with a few plays mixed in. My responsibilities included:

Setting up venue lighting and sound systems
Setting up ground supports/truss systems/scaffolding rigs/drapes
Building stages
Technical Rehearsals
Operating shows
Show changeovers

This first month of work really opened up my eyes to what I could achieve and showed what I had learnt in my time at Perth UHI. I was now determined to pursue a career within theatre.

Harlow Playhouse, Essex

During my stay in London I had a successful application for a council run theatre in Essex. Upon an interview I gained my first full time job as a Deputy Theatre Technician. This was a steep learning curve for myself as I had never really worked in a real theatre environment before, but it was a challenge I was more than willing to embrace. During the six months I worked there I gained valuable knowledge in theatre terminology and intelligent lighting fixtures, reinforced my knowledge of digital sound systems, gained small amounts of knowledge and experience on hemp flying systems and learned how shows were called by a DSM. My responsibilities for this job included:

Focusing Lightings
Stage Management
Rigging across all departments
Power Up/Down Procedures
Theatre Maintenance
Operating Shows
Set Assembly/Disassembly
Cutting Gels
Follow spotting

These six months were very difficult as I had to adjust to a lot of new surroundings and a new mentality, but the knowledge and experience I gained from working at The Harlow Playhouse really helped me develop professionally and personally as a theatre technician. After leaving this job at the end of July 2015, I then went on to do another month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. During my second stint at the festival, through a successful application and interview, I gained my first three month contract at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

Touring ASM/Crew

In the next few months I gained more work experience helping out on a small tour in the North of England with a company called Bent Architect; I worked as crew/ASM. I also worked for a small company in London called Hot Topic Productions who put on a show for a week in a small theatre in Huxton. My responsibilities for these jobs included:

Heavy involvement of get in and get outs of the production
Rigging of lights and sound systems, including LED Rig
Building the set in each venue
Working within non theatre spaces, exhibition halls and museums
Working in large scale theatres such as the Lawrence Batley Theatre (Huddersfield) and Cast (Doncaster)
Focusing and programming of lights during technical rehearsal
Maintaining and arranging the set
Cueing lights, sound and PowerPoint presentation to a script
Backstage calls

I loved working on these shows and was amazed at the relationships you build with the cast and companies on these small tours. I really gained a sense of belonging with my work, something I never experienced working part time in retail as a student.


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