Projections Designer

Assistant Projections Designer

Projections Operator

Chicago, IL
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Last Updated: 12/09/2016 07:01 EST

Job Qualifications

Projections Designer, Assistant Projections Designer, Projections Operator, Camera Operator

Primary Skills:



Tony is a media and set designer based in Chicago where he collaborates on dozens of plays, events, and installations each year. In addition to his work in the theatre, Tony enjoys sculpting tiny astronauts in peril and playing improv projections with his band, Grape Juice Plus.

qLab for video and sound. Watchout 6 Certified Operator. Adobe Creative Suite. Finish + Rough Carpentry. AutoCAD. ArchiCAD. Linear Video Editing. Projections. Production Media. BIM. Fine Scale Modeling. Sound Production and Composition. Web Design. Project Estimation + Coordination. Scenic Painting. Special Effects + Pyrotechnics.

Jeff Nomination for Projection Design 2017 Jeff Nomination for Artistic Specialization 2015 Oakton Community College Staff Excellence Award 2011 1st Place Writing, Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Competition 2010


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