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Austin / San Antonio, TX
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Last Updated: 12/08/2016 06:01 EST

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Stagehand, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Production Stage Manager, Floor Manager, Theater Manager, Production Manager, House Manager, Production Assistant


My father was in the music business and my mother taught ballet. My entertainment background is extensive. I'll focus primarily on more recent work. I've been playing since I was 5, performing professionally since I was 15 and have worked as a pianist, stage manager, tour manager, retail manager, monitor engineer, FOH, talent buyer and musical director for traveling bands in Austin since late 2001.
From 2001-2004 I was retail manager, then stage manager for 9-time Grammy Award winners, Asleep at the Wheel.
I subsequently sold keyboards and Pro Audio Equipment at Strait Music Company.
I worked there for a little more than a year before I was hired as a keyboard player and musical director and remained primarily in that role from 2006-2014. I worked with 20+ bands over that time, frequently working for 8-11 of them simultaneously. I spent time off the road on 6th Street, serving as a talent buyer for Flamingo Cantina and booking agent for bands seeking work in the region while not on the road. I was frequently the house engineer and stage manager at that venue during that time.
During SXSW from 2012-2016 I worked as stage manager for Under The Radar Magazine's annual showcase. 7 artists a day in a five hour span, 3 days in a row during the Weekend of SXSW.
In 2015 I went back on the road with Asleep at The Wheel as stage hand and retail manager. AATW restructured in Feb 2016, getting rid of my position.
In March 2016 I headed out on the road with Grammy Award winners, Reckless Kelly, as their stage manager and instrument tech.
The job is going well, but we work a very hot region most of the year and doctors have recently advised me to move to a cooler climate for my long term health.


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