Costume Stitcher

Costume First Hand

Costume Shop Manager

Los Angeles, CA
Will Travel

Last Updated: 06/22/2018 21:31 EST

Job Qualifications

Costume Stitcher, Costume First Hand, Costume Shop Manager, Assistant Costume Designer

Primary Skills:

Costume Building, Costume Alterations

Additional Experience in:


In a Pinch, I can:

Costume Shopping


I currently work part-time at a costume shop in Burbank, CA, where I build and stitch character costumes for various theme parks. Previously, I worked in Walt Disney World's entertainment department for 11 years. Nine years I spent as a performer, and 2 years as a costume construction specialist in Disney's Creative Costuming as a member of IATSE. I know how to operate industrial sewing machines (straight stitch, overlock, blind hem, zig-zag, and buttonhole), and operate grommet machines. I am also experienced with detail hand sewing and beading. I performed entertainment costume alterations for the Disney Cruise line and built new character costumes for Disney theme parks world-wide. I also own an online shop where I design, make, and sell handmade costumes and doll clothes.


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