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Los Angeles, CA
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Last Updated: 02/16/2021 05:26 EST

Job Qualifications

Sound Engineer, Sound Operator, Sound Designer, Assistant Sound Designer, Mic Runner

Primary Skills:

Sound Reinforcement, Recording, Pro Tools


+middot; 8 years of music recording using Pro Tools and Ableton, 10 years of live sound reinforcement
+middot; Experience in all aspects of live audio, including monitors, front of house, systems, and patching
+middot; Knowledge of acoustics, outboard and drive processing, RF management, SMAART, microphone selection and placement, and speaker setup, whether it be monitors, side fills, drum fills, subwoofer placement, or calculating and pinning line array angles.
+middot; Very familiar with JBL Vertec powered by Crown and Crest class A amplifiers.
+middot; Know feedback frequencies by ear, and how to ring out wedges
+middot; Meticulous about the patch, and can easily adapt when the stage plot was wrong or incoherent.
+middot; Digital console experience with Avid Venue software, mainly on the SC48, X32/M32, and Yamaha DM2000
+middot; Minor experience with Avid S3L, S6L, Midas Pro 2, and Yamaha M7CL
+middot; Learned to mix on analog consoles, including AMEK Einstein, Midas Verona, Midas H2K and H3K, and lots of little Yamahas and Mackies.
+middot; Familiar with and own several Waves 9 plugins, and other clones of analog compressors, EQs, and effects.
+middot; 5 years tour experience with dance competition. Duties included all audio (powered JBL VRX900), breakout rooms with small PAs and some drapery, and controlling and running out motors. Often acted as electrician.
+middot; Experience with roof builds and light rigging: flying PAs (including double hung with inclinometers), motor operation, weight ratings, truss construction
+middot; Comfortable and capable of tying in and metering power, cam lock or copper tails.
+middot; Six years of stage labor with large productions. Duties include running/wrapping cable, hanging lights, building staging, building video walls, building line arrays, placing/patching microphones, set construction, spotlight operation, and unloading/loading trucks, along with other manual labor tasks
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