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Assistant Technical Director

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Rigging, Teaching: Grad


My name is Dru Cracchiolo and I would like to apply for the posi:on . As an experienced professional in the Photography / Video industry I am
very interested in becoming apart of the team.
Currently im employed at Jack Studios, a full-service, upscale photography,film and
video studio. As the Produc:on Coordinator I am responsible for the set up, opera:on and
breakdown of 8 studios while overseeing several freelancers, produc:on assistants and interns.
On Average im involved with 5 produc:ons each day and maxed out at 11. Due to my
dedica:on to making sure the clients shoots go smoothly, efficiently and within budget I am
referred to as the go to guy they have grown to appreciate
Previously Ive had the :tle of Ingest Operator for the LAC Group at ABC News for over
four years, where I was responsible for the recording and quality control of up to 24
simultaneous video channels to ABC news primary digital news gathering servers. This is a high
stress level posi:on that requires mul:level thinking, aYen:on to detail and to be able to
process several requests at once.
I have a Masters degree in Communica:on Arts specializing in Broadcast Programming
from the New York Ins:tute of Technology where within my first year have earned the posi:on
of Teachers Assistant, to several key faculty and staff members. At which my responsibili:es
included Supervising classrooms, Studio Floor, Control room and on-loca:on shoots. In 2010 I
was the recipient of the New York Chapter of the Na:onal Academy of Television Arts and
Sciences Scholarship Award for Excellence throughout the college years.
Over the last ten years I have work on hundreds of produc:ons both big and low budget.
During the produc:ons I've held several posi:ons ranging from Produc:on Assistant, Gaffer,
Best Boy, Producer, Cinematographer and many other addi:onal crew roles simultaneously. In
the Post Produc:on aspect I've held such posi:ons as the Assistant Editor and Mo:on Graphics
Im use to fast paced environments where things are constantly changing. I understand
the laws of the deadline and doing whatever needs to be done to meet that deadline. I can
proudly say I am a professional worker and valuable employee. An instruc:on is given and I will
carry it out to the best I can.


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