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Charlotte, NC
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Job Qualifications

Assistant Stage Manager, Production Assistant, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Crew


I have a strong working knowledge of the stage as well as the dynamics of a live theatre environment. Possessing strong organizational skills as well as performing well under pressure in deadline driven situations. I am intimately involved in everything that happens in a production, from the rehearsal stage right through to the live performance. I demonstrate good judgment, excellent problem-solving skills and a holistic understanding of both student/professional theatre, which has enabled me to manage nominated performers. Right now, I am looking for an internship position with a company that will allow me to grow professionally, while enabling me to exhibit my current skills and commitment to excellence.

Stage Management Intern/ Child Wrangler +nbsp;|+nbsp;North Carolina Theatre (Raleigh, NC) |+nbsp;October - November 2017

Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for the safety and well+#8208;being of two child actors while on premise.
Developed and maintained a friendly, supportive and professional relationship with the children.
Maintained awareness and managed any health issues as communicated by the parents, i.e. special diets, medicine, etc.
Accompanied the young performers wherever they went on the premises from when they arrive until they left with an approved adult.
Help clarified for the young performer the productions expectations for their behavior and performance.
Maintained communications with the parents on how they can support their childs successful performance.
When off+#8208;stage ensured the children are appropriately entertained while maintaining awareness for cues and announcements.
Maintained focus on what is important for the smooth running of the show as it pertains to the young performers needs.
Became familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures and, if necessary, ensured the safe evacuation of the young performers from the building.
Deciding date, time and venue.
Forming a production team/ run production meetings
Setting the rehearsal venue
First call
Rehearsal process and preparation Rehearsal process and preparation

STAGE MANAGER+nbsp;|+nbsp;Bridgewater College (bridgewater, va)+nbsp;|+nbsp;January 2015 - May 2017

Responsible for managing multi-faceted stage team, ensured successful show by looking after all the technical aspects related to its production.
Organized all the practical and technical aspects of rehearsals and shows.
Managed rehearsals, actors, technicians and props.
Ensured that the actors and crew are in the right place at the right time.
Lead the production crew in the studio.
Communicated all rehearsal schedules to cast and crew. Liaised closely with the directors and actors. Arranged costume and wig fittings.
Remained highly visible to all production and technical staff.
Looked after and maintained stage equipment and furniture.
Communicated effectively and efficiently with director and other crew members.
Directly supervised all crew members.
Cued the technical crew and actors.
Acted as a go between for all areas of production.
Ensured the cleanliness of all areas including theatre and work spaces.

Skills + Abilities

Familiar with hanging light, dressing rooms, and scripting.
Experience of live programming.
Ability to make clear concise decisions with limited information.
Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
Managing live performances.
Good organization and people skills.
Willing to travel to different venues when on tour.
High degree of integrity and professionalism.
Able to work mornings, nights, weekends and holidays.


Bachelor of Arts+nbsp;|+nbsp;August 2017+nbsp;|+nbsp;bridgewater college
Major: Psychology
Minor: Theatre
High school dipolma+nbsp;|+nbsp;May 2013+nbsp;|+nbsp;charlotte catholic high School

Alumni Vice-Chair of Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society Bridgewater College Chapter


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