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Production Assistant

New York, NY
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Job Qualifications

Moving Light Programmer, Stagehand, Production Assistant, Lighting Designer


Production Assistant/ Front of House (FOH)/Stag Hand/Sound Board

Accomplished, Essex County certified, proactive Audio Visual Technician with over 10 years of significant experience in the production entertainment field needed for setting up equipment for stage events. From design to implementation and troubleshooting, possess the exceptional knowledge of latest audio and visual components and equipment needed for creating professional and stunning presentations.

Core Competencies and professional strengths include:

Audio, visual and lighting system
Stage presentations in prominent venues
Installation repair, maintenance and removal of system
Comfortable working alone or in teams
Physically fit for heavy lifting
Operates under minimal or no supervision
Reports + Document Preparation

Professional Experience

Video Games Live (VGL) 2007- Ongoing
Production Assistant / Front of House (FOH)/Stag Hand/Sound board
Directly responsible with the help of the Show Flow, to guarantee the show runs on time with minimal issues.
Designed, installed, maintained and removed audio and visual equipment for large concerts and major venues.
Collaborated with sound technicians, directors, planners, etc. in the testing of microphones and sound components.
Operated systems during events.
Design, install, maintain and remove projectors and displays, surround sound receivers and speakers for live music events.
Implemented IP-based system such as LAN, home automation, CCTV, remote access, etc.
Set up TV and projectors, equipment and ramps, and assembled furniture.
Stag Hand which includes the set up and tear down of the stage with hundreds of wires, instruments, conductor podium, music stands ,sheet music, click track ,mic set up, and all audio/visual equipment .
Merchandise Booth which includes inventory counts intermission, set up for optimum visual merchandising, spread sheet for inventory control, and cash flow to guarantee the booth makes its projected goal with venue staff 5 to 10m people.
Managing our volunteers of 1 to 15 people to run our Guitar Hero contest, Costume Contest, and our sponsor tables which include Alien Wear, GameStop , and Tokyo Pop, etc.Quicksilver, Times Square August 2007 February 2009
Staff Manager for three Manhattan Stores
+#9679; Directly responsible for the scheduling of fifty plus personnel which entails, review of the break book and associate needs and review each individual daily responsibilities.
+#9679; Staff Coaching on product knowledge and customer service such as, greetings, cash wrap, folding of clothing for bagging, styling of clothing, cleanliness of store, attire and team work, understanding the Aloha spirit.
+#9679; Stock room staffing and store room inventory such as, restock of product on floor, tracking of best sellers, customer orders.
+#9679; Responsible for marketing in three locations which required placement of new banners, poster and flyers for promotional use, sales use, window displays, organization of all inventory displays.
+#9679; Survey all paper work auditing for errors on all documentation such as, products supplies, credit card fraud, new hires and termination papers that where then submitted to the home office for further investigation.
+#9679; Responsible for all cash wraps three times daily.
+#9679; Daily deposits to bank and the handling of brinks (armored truck service)
+#9679; Review of all store safety codes and store repairs were up to date.

Games Stop, New York January 2001 August 2007
Senior Sale Associates
+#9679; Leading a staff of ten personnel in two store locations in product knowledge, customer service, game reservations and game informer memberships.
+#9679; Responsible for cash deposits, opening funds, change for cash wrap, and change orders.
+#9679; Marketing placement of flyers, poster, banners and window displays for both promotional use and sales use.
+#9679; Audit (store codes, product paper work, credit card fraud and banking.
+#9679; Opening and closing for two store locations

MVS Associates March 2004
Administrative Assistant
+#9679; Survey of an assortment of building for electrical power needs to see if they meet the code rules and regulations safety.
+#9679; Organization of paperwork, filing, faxing and mail delivery in a timely fashion.

Jack Green Associates May 2001
Mailroom Clerk
+#9679; Delivery of all drawings and packages to cliental with in a timely fashion.
+#9679; Copy of drawings

+#9679; Complete four years at Park West High School.
+#9679; Complete one year at BMCC


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