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Kansas City, MO
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Last Updated: 04/04/2018 15:33 EST

Job Qualifications

Costume Designer, Milliner, Properties Assistant, Wig Run Crew, Costume Shop Manager, Wardrobe Crew, Draper, Costume First Hand, Costume Stitcher, Assistant Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor

Primary Skills:

Costume Shopping, Serging, Costume Building, Costume Alterations

Additional Experience in:

Millinery, Dyeing, Wig Styling


-Schedule and train wardrobe staff
-Inventory costumes, accessories, shoes and
-Develop clear and detailed running tracks
-Educate staff on proper sewing machine functions and usage
-Work with performers, and execute tasks in high stressful situations.
-Ability to work long hours, with multiple schedules.
-Perform with flexibility and professional etiquette.
-following the needs in design, for character development.
-Adhere to production budgets, and needs.
-Maintain neat and organized work space

-Operate serger, blind hemmer, and straight stitch, both industrial and domestic.
-Ability to hand stitch and repair quickly and accurately.
-Adept with costume alterations and professional tailoring.
-Work with zippers, stretch fabrics, and specialty fabrics.
-Knowledge of garment construction
-Experienced in drafting
-Can read non traditional and traditional patterns.
-Developed in draping

-Able to clean and care for wigs.
-Style and create unique, or assigned looks.
-Operate quick changes and run wig tracks.

-Educated in Equity laundry rules.
-Ability to create laundry schedule for crew and staff.
-Schedule and arrange laundry services, and dry cleaning.
-Educated on specific garment laundering needs.
-Hand cleaning.

Millinery/ Crafts:
-Able to embellish with detail
-Knowledge of design elements and needs
-Identify with building and repairing accessories.
-Addressing needs of shoes, and repair.
-Experienced in dying fabrics.


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