Sound Engineer

Chicago, IL
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Last Updated: 03/29/2017 15:50 EST

Job Qualifications

Sound Engineer

In a Pinch, I can:

Sound Reinforcement, Recording, Pro Tools


Highly experienced Professional Live Sound Engineer in all phases of sound production.
Professional high quality mixes with an excellent analytical and musical ear.
Setup and operation of audio systems for a wide variety of small to large venues for a diverse
range of event types (concert venues, festivals, corporate events).


Proficient in the setup, tear down and operation of PA systems, lighting and staging
equipment for live events
Operate, configure and set-up a diverse range of professional sound reinforcement
equipment, including Digital + Analog consoles
Manage and direct crew at event site
Interact with client and co-workers to ensure the clients goals are met
Gain Structure, signal path/processing (effects, dynamics, EQ, crossover, etc.)
Recording/Editing/Mixing using Pro Tools
Mixed FOH for local act past 9 years
FOH + Monitor technician for numerous national acts


Digital + Analog Consoles: Soundcraft, Allen-Heath, Yamaha, Midas
Outboard Gear: Lexicon, Manley, DBX,T.C. Electronic, Drawmer, BSS + White


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