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Primary Skills:

Sound Reinforcement, Recording, Pro Tools, Teaching: Undergrad

Additional Experience in:



As an engineer/producer for hire, I assist bands in all phases of record production. I communicate with artists to ascertain goals and desires, and help to plan and execute the release of music according to individual needs in both short and long-term projects. Additionally, I work live sound in a variety of venues on both analog and digital systems. See examples at

As a staff member of one of the largest professional studios in the world, I performed many roles and functions subject to the needs of the session. I received and administered training on all types of audio and video gear, computer setup, back-up and troubleshooting, as well as assisting clients with their session needs. I also learned to work quickly to ensure prompt delivery and completion of projects. Worked on high profile projects including Sex and the City (movie), Miracle at St. Anna, Shine A Light, Law + Order, Gossip Girl, Fringe, LOST, and Greys Anatomy

Chief duties include:
Operation of Pro Tools and Backup DAT recorder
On-the-fly editing of dialog to fit picture/time constraints
Session Setup and breakdown
Handling of all deliverables via digital physical delivery
Catalog, back-up, and archive of sessions
Receipt and handling of raw materials for session preparation
Communicating with clientele all over the world for project facilitation
Patching Machine control, audio and video signals between multiple rooms
ISDN setup and operation for digital connection between studios
Troubleshooting of various machines, formats and connections
Engineering and Assistant Engineering assorted music sessions
Any and all other tasks related to studio or session needs

As one of the lead instructors at SAE NY for over 6 years, and with over 10,000 hours of classroom time, I have helped hundreds of students to perform professional level work and understand the changing needs of a technology-based industry. I have been a licensed teacher in NY State since 2013 and have an expert level background in analog and digital signal flow; the only educator in the program who has taught all 6 console and all three levels of Pro Tools/ICON. More importantly, my teaching focuses on how to approach the work for long-term success.

Course taught include:

Basic and Advanced Signal Flow
SSL4000 G+, Neve 88R, Yamaha O2R, Audient ASP8024, Presonus StudioLive:
Analog and Digital Consoles: Theory, Usage, and Automation
Analog Tape: Theory, Usage, and Alignment
Interfacing and Synchronization of Analog and Digital Studio Gear
Microphones and Stereo Mic Techniques
Mixing, Mastering, FX
Sound for Picture, Surround Sound, EQ and Compression workshops


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