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Sound Designer

Sound Operator

Abingdon, VA
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Last Updated: 12/01/2016 14:01 EST

Job Qualifications

Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound Operator, Assistant Sound Designer, Mic Runner, Conductor, Musician, Woodwinds

Primary Skills:

Sound Reinforcement, Logic, qLab


As a freelance audio engineer I have been able to work on a large variety of shows and performances. After getting started as a mic tech in high school, I found work as a roadie while gaining more robust experience in the live sound reinforcement field. I was given the opportunity to work as a sound designer for a small local theater while learning from experienced technicians. After gaining experience and confidence with live audio mixing and sound design, I have gone on to work as the lead audio engineer and sound designer for multiple local shows ranging from small productions with minimal sound fx to large musical theater productions with over 20 wireless microphones, live bands and choirs.

I also have experience as an actor and musician, which I rely on to create a tasteful and artistic audio experience.


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(540) 797-0955

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2252 Windsor Ave SW

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