Chicago, IL
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Last Updated: 02/02/2017 04:54 EST

Job Qualifications

Musician, Assistant Sound Designer, Follow Spot Operator, Sound Operator, Camera Operator, Stagehand

Additional Experience in:



Work with Jam Productions out of Chicago.
Also work as a stage hand for Joe's on Weed St.
Motivated worker and fast learner. Self starter who is willing to learn along the way and learn whatever he is asked to do. I'm 23 years old and have worked many different types of shows. Spent the entire last year working with Jam Productions and Joe's on Weed St. Spent most of the time loading and unloading Semis, setting up sound and audio cables and speakers, setting up video walls and lights. Set up and tear down of the show. Wrapping cables, light trusses, and taking down video walls as well as loading the trucks back up. Spent a lot of time as a stagehand doing the changeover for bands during the show setting up drums and amps and getting the opening acts off in a timely manner. Know how to operate spotlights and camera feeds as well. Also have been playing music in different capacities since I was 8.


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(239) 223-1120

Mailing Address

1023 W Argyle St.

Apt. #219

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