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Philadelphia, PA
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Last Updated: 12/09/2016 12:01 EST

Job Qualifications

Lighting Designer, Camera Operator, Assistant Sound Designer, Mic Runner, Stagehand, Company Manager, Executive Manager, Business Manager, Projections Designer, Assistant Projections Designer, Rigger, Projections Operator, Motors Operator, Properties Carpenter, Properties Master, Assistant Lighting Designer, Electrician, Master Electrician, Moving Light Programmer, Light Board Operator, Follow Spot Operator, Assistant Scenic Designer, Technical Director, Assistant Technical Director, Master Carpenter, Carpenter, Properties Designer, Sound Operator, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer

Primary Skills:

Recording, Sound Forge, Rigging, Motors Rigging, ETC EOS

Additional Experience in:

Drafting, Furniture Building, VectorWorks, GrandMA

In a Pinch, I can:

ETC Expression, Whole Hog 2, Lightwright, Whole Hog 3, Jands Vista, qLab


I worked on plenty of entertainment projects as a Technician, Lighting Designer, Engineer, Technical Director and Project Manager. My last significant work was to create video studio for the Presidents press conference at the International Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. My crew and I myself built LED video wall, set up studio mechanics, lighting and audio system adaptable for TV translation.
I collaborated with The University of the Arts as an Instructor for Stage Mechanics, Lighting and Sound Consoles operations. I have publications in professional magazine Empire of the Light and have been interviewed for TV report regarding Lighting First Festival where I was a prizewinner nominee for The Best Lighting Design on the Street Nomination.
I have substantial professional practice in theatrical projects. I have set up stage mechanics for existing and new theatres: I have created design and drafts and supervised my crew to accomplish the best results. My most recent theatre project was to put in operation a theatre hall and stage in School of the Arts, where I had designed architecture for stage mechanics, selected lighting and sound equipment and provided general support: produced specifications, budgets, reports and work schedule. In addition, I have designed stage mechanics for the National Dance Theater, where my crew and I myself installed fully automated 12 lighting bars on stage and front of house, mounted lighting systems on balconies and three automated curtains: horizontal, vertical and back of stage with speed adjustment.
Here is the link about my work:

I am looking forward to hear from you.
Kirill Y. Diatlikov.


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