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Palos Verdes Performing Arts is seeking crew for part time/on call stage electrician. Must be able to:
Read a light plot
Hang and circuit the plot
Focus all conventional lights
Have experience in ETC boards such as the Ion and Element
Maintain all conventional lighting instruments
Run follow spot
This position requires someone to be proactive, work with a team as well as alone, think quickly to problem solve, troubleshoot and have strong attention to details. Often we only have 1 day to turn over an entire plot and be ready to focus within 8 hours. During show the electricians will be asked to be light board operator and help program the show and run the board, or be spot operators.

PVPA does everything from professionally produced shows, to education shows, to one night comedy events, to choir concerts. We have a 450 seat tradition proscenium space as well as an event space which is used for parties, smaller shows, cabaret jazz and other event.

Pay is $13-$14 an hour.


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(310) 544-0403

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27570 Norris Center Drive

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

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