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New York, NY
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Job Qualifications

Sound Designer, Assistant Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Sound Operator, Mic Runner

Primary Skills:

SFX, Sound Reinforcement, Recording, Sound Forge, qLab

In a Pinch, I can:

Pro Tools, Logic


Joseph Reynolds
Willing to Travel
Based in New York, NY and Sarasota, FL

Career objective
Experienced audio professional with 20+ design credits and over 500 performances at Front of House. Will travel/tour. Excellent references upon any request. Let's make it together!

Technical Skills

Proscenium Theater, Theater in the Round, Immersive Theater, 3/4 Thrust, Location Recordist, Remote and Traditional Orchestra Pit, Analog and Digital Expert, Sound FX Design (Practical/Hard), Mentorship (T.Y.A-Seniors), Head Audio/Supervisor/Dept. Head, Radio frequency coordinator, Practical equipment designer/fabricator, Audio for T.V./Film/Video, Video Recording/Editing


Current Position:
A1/Sound Dept. Chief
The Lost Colony, Manteo, NC (2018 Summer Season)
System installer, FOH production mixer, and Head audio for theatrical TONY award winning period piece play. 81st season. Outdoor venue. 74 performances. Adherence to original sound designers concept. Summer seasonal position. Duties as assigned forthcoming.

Head of Audio-Sarasota Opera House
Sarasota, Florida (2016-2018 Season) current
Worked closely with technical staff regarding the A/V needs of a large venue theater.
Audio/video archiving of performances.
FOH/monitor engineer when necessary. (Children's Opera, misc. rental events.)
Setup/strike/microphone placement of orchestra pit to strict specifications.
Liaison for visiting/rental productions and A/V crew.
Equipment repair and maintenance. Inventory of installed and disposable equipment/materials.
Worked with and adhered to IATSE guidelines/crew. (Local 412)

A1, Sound Supervisor-Lake Dillon Theater Company
Silverthorne, Colorado (2017 Summer Season)
Managed all audio/visual systems in a brand new multiplex performing arts center.
Mixed front of house for performances and designed majority of productions in multiple configurations and sizes of theater.
Installed/maintained/repaired all aspects of sound reinforcement/video/communication.
Implemented designs and integrity of other designers.
Instructed apprentices and oversaw their designs of T.Y.A. Productions.
System installer.

Sound Designer-Post Playhouse
Crawford, NE (2016 Summer Season)
Sound design for summer stock productions of; Cabaret, Beauty and the Beast, Addams Family, Legally Blonde, and Spamalot!
Mixing FOH and monitors for 22 cast members on mic, and 4 musicians in orchestra pit.
Recording talent voice and music for live playback.
Hard sound fx design for live playback (Reaper, Sony Sound Forge, Audacity)
Setup and maintenance of house sound in medium size theater.
Attended daily production meetings with technical crew.
Assisted cast/musicians with demo reel material for future prospects.

Audio Mixer-Old Liberty Theater (Smoosh and Smoosh Productions)
New York, NY (July '15 to Sept. '15)
Temporary foh/monitor engineer for immersive production of Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic
Daily setup/strike of stage/orchestra pit/various performance areas.
Adhered to sound designers concept.
Playback of hard sound fx during performances.
Collaboration with creative and technical staff about unique situations posed by immersive theater.

Producer/Engineer-Rictus Recordings Audio
Various Locations, (2005-current)
Owner/operator of audio recording/mixing/editing/mastering suite.
Location/studio recordist
Various audio cleanup and sound editing projects for video post production.
V/O and music production.
Start to finish or appendant producer/engineer on various productions. (See demo reel)

Technical Consultant/Audio Console Operator-Strawberry One Act Festival
New York, NY (July '15-August '15)
Worked with creative/talent/production staff of It is Wrong to Eat People(original one act play submission for play festival at Harlem Repertory Theater)
Achieved semifinalist status with professional and amateur talent/crew.
Console operator for all performances.

Adjunct Lab Tech, Performing and Fine Arts-York College
New York, NY (April '15-May '15)
Designed audio aspects of college drama program's production of Aida
FOH and monitor engineer for all performances. (8 principal singers, 20 ensemble singers, 12 orchestra members.)
Worked closely with students and employees of Milton Bassin Performing Arts Center at City College of New York, York College campus.
Implemented silent pit monitoring system for increased house audio control and voice intelligibility.

Sound Designer-Ocean Professional Theater Company
Barnegat, NJ (June '14-Sept '14)
Designed sound for summer stock musical theater productions of Bonnie and Clyde, Call Me Madam, Chicago, Crazy for You, and Singin in the Rain
FOH and monitor engineer for 16 singers and up to 5 orchestra pit members for all season performances.
Recorded, edited, and designed sfx and V/O recordings for playback during performances.
Served as teacher for student apprentices for theater audio and oversaw student design and implementation of TYA productions of Jungle Book, Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and the end of season Apprentice Showcase.
Attended daily production meetings.
Maintained/Repaired house audio equipment.

Event Coordinator/House Engineer-(Old) Tavern on Main
Sarasota, FL (June '03-Oct '05)
Scheduling and producing live entertainment for local venue.
Liaison between talent and venue management.
Mixing appropriate house and monitor mixes for various local/national/international acts.
Assisted with audio feeds for video recorded events.
Set up/strike of sound reinforcement equipment.

Associate Producer-SNN, Channel Six Local News
Sarasota, FL (June '02-July '03)
Audio and video tracking for a local 24 hour news television station.
Loading on air playback.
Editing video segments for broadcast, and assisting anchors, photographers, and reporters with technical aspects of televised broadcast.
Monitored emergency band scanners for breaking news

A.S. Recording Arts, Full Sail (Orlando, FL 2002)

Provided upon request.


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