Sound Engineer

Sound Designer

Scenic Designer

Indianapolis, IN
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Last Updated: 02/12/2020 22:01 EST

Job Qualifications

Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Scenic Designer, Executive Manager, Business Manager, Assistant Producer, Music Director, Composer, Musician, Teacher, Assistant Director, Director, Playwright, Stagehand, Sound Operator, Assistant Sound Designer, Assistant Technical Director, Technical Director, Assistant Scenic Designer, Producer

Primary Skills:

SFX, AudioBox, Sound Reinforcement, Recording, Sound Forge, Directing, Script Reading, qLab

Additional Experience in:

Drafting, VectorWorks, Teaching: Undergrad


Current A/V Coordinator at the NCAA National Office, Hall of Champions, and Conference Center

Communication: Leadership, teamwork, and creativity
Event planning, coordination, and booking
Recording: Mixing, set-up, maintenance
OS: Windows, MAC, Linux; Operation, repair, and maintenance
Software: Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, QLab, SFX, Sound Forge, ACID Pro, Cakewalk, Sonar LE, SCS 9
Engineering and Drafting: AutoCAD and Vectorworks
Electronics: Fundamentals of wiring, robotics, and circuitry
Forklift Operations and General Workplace Safety Certifications including Biohazard Preparedness
Indiana Chauffeurs License: Passenger Vehicles, Box Trucks 136 H x 24 L max
Composer: Guitar, 21 years; comprehension of piano, keyboards, bass, drums
Wilderness survival and navigation, North America


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