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Chicago, IL
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Job Qualifications

Lighting Designer, Sound Operator, Light Board Operator, Moving Light Programmer, Assistant Lighting Designer, Floor Manager, Follow Spot Operator, Sound Engineer, Business Manager, Stagehand, Web / Publicity Designer, Musician

Additional Experience in:


In a Pinch, I can:

Color Mixing, Motors Rigging, Forklift, Whole Hog 2, Whole Hog 3


Director of Event Technology
Audio Visual Productions January 2016 Present

Responsible for leading and directing Event Technology Department at downtown Chicago Hotels. Manage an efficient and profitable Event Technology operation.
Ensure revenue maximization via cost control, in accordance with company standard operating procedures.
Actively involved in developing and managing operating budgets, price guides, sales tracking forms, marketing collateral, as well as event planning checklists.
Manage and proactively execute the company sales process through advanced client contact.
Enhance company efficiency through technology upgrades and process improvements.
Supervised Audio Visual setup to flawlessly meet predetermined specifications.
Establish and maintain positive working relationships with hotel staff and executives, company team members, neighboring locations, and all vendors to promote outstanding customer service.
Mentor technicians on customer service, as well as conduct service meetings to address emerging customer service issues to guarantee optimum client satisfaction.
Maintain a positive employee relations environment for all Event Technology team members to ensure smooth operations.
Manage budget and performance, address employee concerns, maintain adequate staffing levels, and facilitate team development.
Lead by example in portraying a polished, professional image.
Supervise inventory control, transportation, safety and maintenance of equipment.
Ensure all employees are properly trained in all areas in order to provide high quality service.

Director of Event Technology
Virgin Hotels Chicago March 2017 - Present
PUBLIC Hotel Chicago January 2016 - June 2017
LondonHouse Chicago June 2016 - March 2017

Lighting Director
Global March 2010 - March 2011
Hand selected to participate as Lighting Director from 1000+ applicants for morale boosting entertainment concert called Tops in Blue across 47 states and 25 countries
Maintained $3 million in critical Air Force production equipment.
Controlled all lighting and musical cues for 90 minute show using professional level lighting console.
Awarded the Good Conduct Medal for outstanding performance.

Chicago Stagehand
Video Tech Services
Boom Entertainment
MDM Entertainment
AV Chicago
Concord Music Hall


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